“… but DBU didn’t show up today.”

This is some quote.

“LSU DBs kept telling us `We’re so tired, we’re so tired’,” Mitchell said. “We were laughing it off, but Coach (Leach) came up to us (during LSU’s timeout). He saw they (LSU) were tired. He knew all of us were in good shape, so he wanted to take a shot. A perfect ball and I ran a good route.”

Yeah, I know Stingley was out and LSU was thin in the defensive backfield, but, still, to hear that Mississippi State was physically wearing anyone out is a little surprising — that it was LSU, even a little jarring.


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  1. Down Island Way

    The lsu fall may be farther, faster than we originally thought…

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    • Got Cowdog

      Good fodder for the “Natty or bust” debate. How would y’all feel about the Dawgs winning the MNC then falling into 6-6, 7-5 seasons losing two out of three to east rivals again for an indeterminate amount of time?
      TBH, I having the sphincter-clenching being done by the orange clad denizens of the league for a change.


  2. siskey

    I think that Coach O is too good for that to happen. LSU will have a “rough” year this year but they will still be 7-3 or 6-4. I don’t foresee Coach O as the next Chizik.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I guess MSU is going to keep laughing until somebody smacks them in the face. That probably won’t be too long down the road with an all-sec schedule.


  4. TEXBaller

    Without all the excuses (they were tired, Stingley, COVID, blah, blah, blah…), LSU lost 15-16 dudes to the NFL. Hell, their long-snapper, Blake Ferguson, was drafted. They lost their (Saints) OC and their DC. And the talent left in the cubbard (barring a few) is not as stout as some may want you to think. LSU/Jughead Ed are not Nick Saban. The depth is not as stout (as shown v MSU). And Jughead Ed alone is not the end all/be all. Not many (if any) can recover from such decimation.
    Some scoffed at 6-4/5-5 as I predicted on this blog several weeks & months ago. Now Bama, Fla, TAMU & Auburn all look to be potential losses. And if MSU can beat LSU in BR….then the door is wide open for another sub-par SEC opponent to get a win v The Tigahs.

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  5. ugafidelis

    I hope someone showed that game tape to Kirby. Them boys might be a handful this year.


  6. Last week I questioned whether MSU would have the strength and conditioning “chops” under Leach to hang with the big boys. Maybe they will.