Mike Bianchi takes a victory lap.

Might as well turn in, Georgia fans.  It’s all over.

After Florida’s record-breaking 51-35 season-opening victory over Ole Miss Saturday, this should be the Gators’ new fight song.

Move it on over, Georgia.

Every dog has his day, but your day is done.

That’s a take that wouldn’t be out of place on a Gators message board.  I had no idea a sixteen-point win over a team that will be lucky to win more than three games this season was so titanic.


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15 responses to “Mike Bianchi takes a victory lap.

  1. KornDawg

    That’s a shitty fight song. It doesn’t even rhyme.

    Besides, any true fight song has to mention being drunk, prison, mama, trucks, rain, and trains.

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  2. drunkenmonken

    This piece reads like the article from earlier this year calling Stacey Abrams a supermodel. What a load of crap! You think Kirby has this on the bulletin board yet?

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  3. dawg100

    Gosh, are they going to give Kirby bulletin board material every single day?

    I want to beat Auburn just to spite Florida! We need to come in to the cocktail party with one or fewer losses, because our defense is going to dominate them. All credit to Pitts, but can he play on their defense also? I’d be a tad humbler after giving up 600+ yards themselves.


  4. Sam Johnson

    This keeps getting better and better. Pretty soon, Kirby will run out of bulletin board material.

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  5. Derek

    When they lost to Ole Miss in 2008, UF was completely done.

    So it only makes sense that when they beat Ole Miss, they’re like on their way and stuff. Because that’s how it all works.


  6. Down Island Way

    Only thing about titanic, is that ship sank…let FU be titanic, enjoy FU’s rise in the rankings…UGA’s coming for your hogtown asses, it’s not gonna be pretty…#FTMF


  7. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    It’s like The Big Short movie with Florida for all these idiots…
    If they would take the time to review all the team numbers, not just the sexy, top level offensive numbers, then they would see a very unstable team.


  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Funny note. the EU has blocked Mr Bianchi’s articles from being read


  9. Randy Adams

    Didn’t even read it.

    This guy’s an idiot. He predicts UF is going to win every year and after they lose comes up with yet another reason they lost. He’s the type that keeps saying the same thing over and over and if/when it finally happens – with a straight face he says “see”… Didn’t take long to catch on to his game… He’s the ultimate homer of homers… I look him up once a year to read the excuses after another Gator loss and then ignore him until the next November.


  10. We’re gonna need a bigger bulletin board.

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  11. Looks like Kirby is going to need a bigger bulletin board.


  12. akascuba

    Gator fans are starved for this stuff. The entire article was to get clicks he could care less about content. I think his goal was to attract swamp crawlers with happy talk and pissed off O No he didn`t Dawg fans.

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  13. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I would like to personally thank the terrible sports writer Mike Bianchi for providing Kirby Smart with an absurd amount of bulletin board material over the years, but this year especially, when it’s likely needed most.

    He thinks he’s helping his team and his guy, but he just can’t see the forest for the trees.

    No one cares about defense until it shuts down your offense while your shitty defense gets shredded just enough to lose.

    When the Dawgs win on November 7th, nothing in my life will come close to the pleasure I will feel writing every single one of the “I told you so’s” all these assholes have coming to them.

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