“The Gator Standard”

If you’re looking for a fairly sober-minded analysis of the Florida defensive effort last Saturday from a Gator partisan, David Wunderlich’s piece is a good place to start.

First off, he acknowledges that it was historically bad.


Florida lost every game listed there, except for Saturday’s.  That should give you some indication of how well the Gator offense played, and it’s a fair point that David makes in his conclusion about that:

The Rebels have a good offense. It has some obvious future NFL talent with guys like Corral and Moore. It has one of the better offensive schemers as head coach. It had the element of surprise since that head coach and his bright new offensive coordinator had never worked before.

Florida held the Rebels to 21 points through three quarters before allowing a pair of touchdowns after it built up a 23-point lead with under 13 minutes to go. John Rhys Plumlee was basically a non-factor.

It was not up to The Gator Standard, believe me. However we also saw a ton of guys hit the field, some of whom were far from the top line of the depth chart. If the UF offense hadn’t been nigh unstoppable, I’m sure we would’ve seen fewer experiments and guys out there just to get experience.

It will get better from here, but there is work to be done to ensure that it does.

They’ll find out this week.  South Carolina rolls in, averaging about 2.5 yards less per play than did Ole Miss.  However, the ‘Cocks have an offensive coordinator who is somewhat familiar with Todd Grantham.  We’ll see what kind of week two improvements they have up their sleeves for each other.


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15 responses to ““The Gator Standard”

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Hope Bobo’s crayons are razor sharp this week. No 3rd and long draws with towel boy on the opposite side.


  2. Biggen

    Boom doesn’t have a chance after that abomination of a game he put together last week. He will be 0-2 and well on his way to being fired at the end of the season…


    • biggusrickus

      They’re not as good as Tennessee, and they lost by three. I agree they’ll be 0-2, but I don’t see how the game Saturday was an abomination.


  3. Remember the Quincy

    Notice how the four worst games on that chart all fall within the tenure of their $1 million genius of a defensive coordinator?

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  4. If Bobo can get a really good game 2 bounce and spring an upset I’d be happy (though SCar’s secondary doesn’t inspire confidence.)


  5. akascuba

    Grantham is brining a new standard to their defense or new lows depending on your point of view. Unless Bobo is planning on playing QB himself I dont like his chances of leaving FU with a win. Grantham is one lose to UGA away from being awarded Agent Grantham status.


  6. SCAR doesn’t have enough to get the upset in the swamp. I think Florida will be undefeated rolling into the WL(socially-distanced)CP. I have nagging doubts about A&M being anything but a pretender, and LSU’s DBs won’t matchup any better against Pitts, Toney, et al than they did against MSU’s corps.


  7. “ The defense seemed hesitant early on, and it sometimes had a hard time getting lined up before the snap due to the Rebels’ tempo.”

    lol not sure it’s the tempo causing this


  8. Jack Klompus

    Going off topic a bit- Ole Miss’ whole QB room is UGA “castoffs” and we’re starting Arnold Horschack. WTF?