Edgy Georgia-Auburn

Jake Rowe’s breakdown of position unit advantage between the two teams:

  • Quarterback:  Auburn
  • Running back:  Push
  • Tight end:  Georgia
  • Wide receiver:  Auburn
  • Offensive line:  Georgia
  • Defensive line:  Georgia
  • Linebacker:  Georgia
  • Defensive backs:  Georgia
  • Special teams:  Push

I tend to think analysis like that are, if not somewhat flawed, at least a little misdirected, in that the comparison should really be between the units that actually face off against each other.

That being said, I think Rowe does get to the heart of the matter when he concludes,

The Bulldogs have a more talented roster from top to bottom and an edge on the lines of scrimmage. If the matchup between Georgia’s defensive line and Auburn’s offensive line is as decisive as it could be, that might be enough on its own. Throw in the fact that Auburn has struggled so much in Athens, and it all points in the same direction.

Georgia’s defense will be the best single unit on the field Saturday.  If the offense can avoid screwing up, that should be the difference, ultimately.


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9 responses to “Edgy Georgia-Auburn

  1. Down Island Way

    The barners don’t struggle in Athens town…#AUBURN SUCKS!


  2. Sam Johnson

    The problem with this type of analysis is that it appears to weight each group equally (similar problem with recruiting rankings) when, the way the game is played now, QB and WR’s matter a whole lot more. Auburn’s advantages here is what worries me and makes this the hardest conference game to predict this week. If we get better than average (not just adequate) QB play we should cover. If not, I doubt we will.


  3. gastr1

    Well, but as they say in certain corners…”If” is doing a shit-ton of work in that last sentence. 🙂

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  4. willypmd

    RB equals push? I call shenanigans

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  5. gurkhadawg

    Georgia’s defense is the best single unit in CFB.

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  6. CB

    “the comparison should really be between the units that actually face off against each other.”

    This should go without saying but for some reason it needs to be said regularly.


  7. Migraine Boy

    Georgia is more talented that ANY team in the country at this point, if we’re believing recruiting rankings…


  8. Teacher Martin

    UGA gets an edge at OL??? That’s amazing!