This week, in the SEC

Thoughts on the other six games:

  • Missouri at Tennessee -10.5.  The Vols offense sputtered a lot against South Carolina and still managed to put up 31.  Missouri was outmatched against Alabama — duh — but still managed to look somewhat respectable on defense.  The Tigers also should get back the players who were out due to COVID concerns.  Add it all up and it looks like Mizzou covers, but doesn’t win on the road.
  • South Carolina at Florida -18.5.  The Gators’ defense can’t really be that bad, can it?  I expect Boom will make Mullen work a little harder for points this week than he did against Ole Miss.  Gators win, but don’t cover.
  • Texas A&M at Alabama -16.5.  It sure feels like Jimbo’s about to get taken to the woodshed.  ‘Bama rolls.
  • Ole Miss at Kentucky -6.5.  I could be wrong, but this has the possibility of being the most entertaining game of the weekend.  Terry Wilson had better show signs of improvement if the ‘Cats don’t want to see their season unravel.  I’m thinking UK does just enough to win, but doesn’t cover.
  • Arkansas at Mississippi State -18.5.  Barry Odom can’t be as stubbornly stupid as Bo Pelini was, can he?  Even if he’s not, will it matter?  I’m guessing not.  MSU covers.
  • LSU at Vanderbilt +20.5.  The ‘Dores are the conference’s only home dog this week and they’re the perfect opponent for an LSU team looking to rinse the bad taste out of their mouths after last weekend’s upset.  Stingley being back only helps.  LSU covers, and covers easily.

The most interesting aspect to this week’s games ought to be seeing who improves in week two and who doesn’t.  Your guess on that is as good as mine.


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12 responses to “This week, in the SEC

  1. dawgtired7

    I’m not sure how entertaining it will be but the OM/UK game is the most difficult for me to pick…I think if will be a close battle.
    MSU may be riding high after LSU but Arky is bad enough it won’t be a trap game.
    I chuckled at the Jimbo woodshed comment, and agree.


    • Down Island Way

      Will be surprised if the final score is that close…Ya gotta’ wonder if the a & m hc will make it through the current contract, knowing that he will collect short term, is he the long term answer….


  2. Sam Johnson

    Agree except for Ole Miss – I think there is a good chance they win outright. Bama and Miss St look like easy covers from my comfortable recliner.


  3. go gamecocks, or something.


  4. ASEF

    Bama played a lot of true freshman back ups after it hit 28-3 that looked like a lot of true freshmen backups who had no spring practice.

    Not sure they cover at all this season.

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    Weak slate to be all SEC, IMHO, YMMV.


  6. I was 3-3 last week, missing on Bama & A&M’s non-cover and expecting Tennessee to faceplant.

    1) Tennessee covers, I guess.
    2) Florida does not cover. No specific reason, just don’t like ’em with a number that big and a defense that was lit up by Ole Miss.
    3) A&M isn’t very good. Alabama is. This will be an EEEEEEASY cover, and CBS will switch to Heidi in the fourth quarter.
    4) I’m not a big Terry Wilson fan. I think it is Gatewood or bust for them, but unfortunately Ole Miss has their offense figured out. Kiffin knows this is one of the few winnable games on their schedule. Ole Miss plus the points.
    5) MSU’s defense wasn’t bad, considering KJ Costello turned it over so many times. I don’t think Philip Hotdogs can match wits or scores with the Pirate. MSU covers.
    6) Vandy is really not good. Brennan looked like LSU QB’s of old, so I guess it is back to pre-Burrow/Brady LSU football. I think Vandy and the points is the play in a sleepy, empty stadium in Nashville.


  7. TEXBaller


    Tenn -10.5 (Vols on emotional roll)
    USC +18.5 (Gators D sux)
    Bama -16.5 (Covering machine at home v SEC)
    Ole Miss +6.5 (KY not impressive — bring on Gatewood)
    MissSt -18.5 (jump on the band wagon bitches)
    Vandy +20.5 (Ken Seales – Weatherford, TX will light-up DBU)
    Dawgs -6.5 (Wont even be close)


  8. Russ

    Well…here’s what the Laner thinks about playing Kentucky. LOL! This is why I’m glad he and the Pirate are in the SEC.

    (Kiffin dropping the deuce during the conference phone call)


  9. Theres some good games at the same times tomorrow. All SEC is kinda wild


    • rigger92

      It is, really throws a big kink into our normal “feels” about who is going to survive as a division champ and beyond. Tomorrow will be very interesting.

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