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Georgia beat the bird crap out of them.

Maybe you should have left the game in November, Gus.


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Your “Auburn in October… wut?” game day post

[You didn’t think I was gonna pass up the opportunity to post that, did you?]

Okay, it’s happening and it feels weird.  But it’s the hand we’ve been dealt, so play it, we must.  Random bullet points:

  • I do not think this is going to be a game for the ages.  Both defenses are sufficiently better than the opposing offenses for that.
  • Against Georgia last year at Auburn, Bo Nix was Auburn’s leading rusher.  Last week versus Kentucky, Bo Nix was Auburn’s leading rusher.  That’s a good sign, but better would be Georgia’s defense clamping down on Nix, too.
  • Auburn was +3 in turnover margin last week, which was the defining factor in a game that saw them outgained and losing the time of possession stat.  Needless to say, that can’t happen tonight.
  • Seth Williams is a handful.  Will Georgia’s secondary be able to manage him?
  • One thing that needs to improve on Georgia’s part this week is the screen game, which blew against Arky.  Assuming Kevin Steele intends to bring maximum pressure against Georgia’s o-line and QB whenever the opportunity presents itself (wouldn’t you?), Monken better have some answers.  A competent screen game would be near or at the top of that list.
  • Please feed Zeus tonight, early and often.
  • I like — no, make that love — the matchup of Georgia’s front seven against Auburn’s offensive line.
  • Williams aside, I am a little concerned about whomever Auburn puts in the slot.  Georgia’s coverage from the star last week wasn’t always the stoutest.
  • Another solid game from Georgia’s special teams would be nice.

Bottom line, assuming my usual turnover caveat, points are going to be hard to come by tonight.  I’m not sure Georgia hits 20 and I think it likely Auburn won’t.  Let’s say Dawgs win, but by less than the 6.5.

Have at it in the comments.  See you on the other side.



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TFW you realize you don’t need to provide a game day preview

Because Mr. Conventional Wisdom is on the mother.


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It’s Saturday in Athens.

But as Groo notes, this is likely to be a very different game day atmosphere than we’ve experienced before.

In case you’re wondering, I am heading up that way this afternoon.  I hope this is a case of the best-laid plans working.  I’ll report back tomorrow on what the experience was like.


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Your college football game day post

Here’s today’s D-1 slate:

Screenshot_2020-10-03 FBS (I-A) Conference Schedule - 2020 - NCAAF - ESPN

Feel free to share your wisdom in the comments as the day progresses.


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“Coach Luke has been doing a good job of rotating everybody in and out.”

So, after reading this, do you think the shuffling on the offensive line in Fayetteville was a necessity, or just part of the intended plan all along?

I lean towards the former, but I have to admit they put Condon back in after his difficult start and he did play much better.


UPDATE:  Well, now.


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If you can’t do it with all the trimmings…

Forget about that no live mascots nonsense.  The real reason Uga won’t be at the game tonight…

… is because there’s no tailgate grilling allowed today.


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Is Georgia man enough to beat Auburn?

Since Georgia is honoring Pat Dye with a moment of silence before the national anthem tonight, thought I’d just go there.


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“But I think it’s clear that something isn’t right in Athens.”

Man, talk about your screaming hot takes

When a five-star offensive lineman, who would’ve been a key player for Georgia, decides he’d be willing to not play to get away from the program, it’s a major red flag.

And if the Butch Jones era at Tennessee taught me anything, it’s that red flags shouldn’t be ignored (remember all the players that left UT when Jones was the head coach).

Smart is obviously a better X’s and O’s coach than Jones. I don’t think there’s any debate there. But the off-the-field stuff? They might not be so different in that area.

Georgia fans might want to pay attention to the program Smart is running, because it could be a charade similar to what Jones had in place on Rocky Top for five seasons.

That’s some five-star bullshit right there.  You have been warned.


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