“Coach Luke has been doing a good job of rotating everybody in and out.”

So, after reading this, do you think the shuffling on the offensive line in Fayetteville was a necessity, or just part of the intended plan all along?

I lean towards the former, but I have to admit they put Condon back in after his difficult start and he did play much better.


UPDATE:  Well, now.


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11 responses to ““Coach Luke has been doing a good job of rotating everybody in and out.”

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m not a fan of rotating OLs in and out, nor switching positions. I could see a first 5 unit and a second 5 unit, because we have that kind of depth and talent. Either you have Hill at C or G, but not both, and not in the same quarter of play – unless you are dealing with injuries.

    The @brooksaustin analysis I saw yesterday seemed a bit damning on the OL. And I got the impression he thought Ericson and McClendon should be playing, or at least are underutilized.


  2. I think it’s both. Hill STILL having issues with the the shotgun snap and the right side of the OL looked to have some issues. Unfortunately, we may tip out hand some with certain OL combos, especially when we move Hill to G.

    I’m almost ready for van Pran or Webb to take over at C and move Hill back to G. It seems we’ve got what we’ve got at RT.


  3. They 100% switched guys around because they weren’t playing well. I imagine some of those guys had butterflies early and just didn’t play as well as they had in practices/scrimmages. When you take them out, they can relax a little bit, and go back in and play better. The good news is that UGA has more than 5 OL that can play.

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  4. I feel like a rotation was going to be a thing just for the early season and we’ve got a lot of talent.

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  5. Teacher Martin

    O-line has been at problem at UGA even when it was supposed to be the strength of the program.


  6. gurkhadawg

    Does anyone know how the O line graded out last week? I seems like often when fans ( like me ) are watching, it appears the OL is playing like shit. Then when the film is reviewed and graded, they played just fine. I’m not saying there were no issues last week, just they are probably not as big as we feel they are.


    • The issues went away once The Mailman started delivering. When the linebackers could no longer commit to the run, magically, the line’s run blocking got better.

      I don’t think Kirby and Monken gave Bennett a real chance to win the job after Newman’s decision to opt out.

      I imagine Jake watched last Saturday and was kicking himself for not staying. He would have carved up that Arkansas defense like a Thanksgiving turkey.

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  7. CB

    The source on Daniels seems tenuous at best.

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Agree. I suspect that it is a little like the guy Zach from a post below where a writer – and I use that term loosely – employs longhorn steer logic. He takes a point here and a point there and from all the bull in between conjures up some sort of bs theory.