Is Georgia man enough to beat Auburn?

Since Georgia is honoring Pat Dye with a moment of silence before the national anthem tonight, thought I’d just go there.


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11 responses to “Is Georgia man enough to beat Auburn?

  1. I was at that game in Tuscaloosa. I nearly melted. Hottest I’ve ever been in my life.

    But Fred Gibson caught a ball landing on his watchamacallit, and a great memory was created.


  2. aucarson

    Classy move by UGA.

    I understand Pat Dye was a DGD, but when he was coaching Auburn, he was an Auburn Man. During one of the early Tiger Walks in the mid 80s, some Georgia coeds were standing outside the stadium doing the “Go Georgia Bulldogs” chant. Dye stared at them with total contempt as he walked by with his team.


  3. When this game drives me to brown liquor, that’ll be my tribute to Pat.


  4. What will always stand out to me about how hot that game was is that I went and bought a Clemson seat cushion in the stadium because the bleachers were like a skillet. That and my truck struggled to keep us cool when leaving and that truck never had cooling issues.

    It was worth it, though. I want to say our opening play was a patented PA bomb.


  5. Russ

    If we win, I’m throwing my pants into the lake in his honor.