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About yesterday’s game day atmosphere

Let me start by saying McGarity and Brooks deserve a lot of credit for making the effort to foster safe conditions under trying circumstances.  For the most part, it worked.

That being said, college kids are gonna college kids.  Two pictures nicely sum up the day’s festivities.

Now, Rovell’s an idiot, but there’s no denying that the majority of students I saw yesterday acted as if the coronavirus didn’t exist.  Not just inside the stadium, either — it looked that way in the parking lot before the game, downtown Athens afterwards (at least where the cops weren’t watching) and at a pre-game house party we drove by.

I hate to sound like one of those “get off my lawn” folks, but I am truly grateful that I don’t have any college-age children now.  If I did, either I wouldn’t let them go to school, or I wouldn’t let them come home.

The only other problematic group we faced yesterday were the inebriated, who all seemed to want to get close in order to have a conversation.  The good news is that I didn’t run into a single member of the But Muh Freedom Brigade.

The cool weather was a godsend, in that it was easy to wear a mask the entire game, which I did.  Folks were spaced out to meet social distancing guidelines, but there was an awful lot of yelling and cheering going on (not to mention some wandering) and I was just more comfortable masked.

Bottom line:  the good outweighed the bad and with regard to the latter, I know what to anticipate.  I’ll be back for the Tennessee game.

If you’ve got any questions, ask away in the comments.



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Scheduling PSA

This was probably obvious before the end of the first half last night, but, in case you were wondering…


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Did Jeff Sagarin get a new computer?

‘Cause this is freaking me out a little.

Screenshot_2020-10-04 College Football Ratings Page

I honestly cannot remember the last time he had Georgia scored ahead of Alabama. The end times may be truly upon us.


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Battle of the hot takes

Chris Hummer:


Quarterback Stetson Bennett deserves credit for managing the game, not making mistakes and moving the chains. Running back Zamir White got his. But let’s not bother with any pretense: Georgia’s best hope this season is its defense overwhelming opponents like it did Auburn on Saturday evening.

The Tigers managed just 39 yards in the fourth quarter. They had only 42 in the second. Things got crazy in third when Auburn put up 113.

Auburn finished the day averaging just 2.73 yards per play and a paltry 1.8 yards per rush. That’s pure dominance. Remember, the Tigers came into the day ranked as the No. 7 team in the country. It didn’t matter a lick to a Bulldog defense that’s easily college football’s best early in 2020.

That’s critical, because it’s likely how Georgia will have to keep winning. Bennett’s final stat line was fine (17-for-28, 240 yards, 1 TD). He made a few really nice plays, particularly on the opening drive when he spun out of pressure and hit Kearis Jackson for 17 yards to push Georgia into the red zone. For the record, backup QB D’Wan Mathis registered a rush in a package and JT Daniels did not play. Those two will have a chance to factor into Georgia’s season as the schedule marches on (Daniels especially). For now, the job is Bennett’s. He’s capable. But I have a hard time exiting that game thinking Bennett, if he’s asked to start the rest of the year, is going to lift Georgia to a championship.

Rather, if Georgia is going to go where it wants to this year, it will be up to this ferocious defense. Is that a 2010 mentality in the SEC? Maybe. Georgia’s defense is good enough to hold up in any era you stick it in. That group is special, and it’s going to make the Bulldogs relevant every week.

Dan Wolken:

Georgia’s response to a mediocre effort in its season opener against Arkansas was to flex all over Auburn in a game that has felt like it was decided on National Signing Day the past couple years. The Bulldogs just have better players, particularly on the line of scrimmage, and their 27-6 victory was a reminder of why so many people buy into Georgia despite red flags about their offense over the years.

The speed on defense, the brutally effective pass rush, the running game that you can rely on? It’s all there. They always look like a traditional powerhouse SEC team. And when it works as well as it did on Saturday, it’s incredibly impressive to watch.

The Bulldogs throttled Auburn in every way, allowing just 216 yards and making Tigers quarterback Bo Nix (21-of-40 completions, 177 yards, 1 interception) look like he hasn’t progressed at all from last season.

At the same time, Georgia looks like this several times a year. But in the big games at the end, we frequently look up and realize that its offense is too pedestrian and doesn’t generate enough big plays in the passing game against the top-level opponents you have to beat to win a national title.

Stetson Bennett, the former walk-on, did a nice job at quarterback. He didn’t make any big mistakes and completed 17-of-28 passes for 240 yards. It was good enough against Auburn, but will it be good enough against Alabama? We still have our doubts.

The question, I think, at this point is whether you believe the offense is a work in progress.  I saw enough last night to make me hopeful that is indeed the case, but I have to be honest enough to admit I felt really good about the 2019 offense until the Notre Dame game.  For me, “Todd Monken is better at his job than James Coley was” is doing a lot of heavy lifting, but I believe it’s justified.

Skeptical or not, though, about the offense, there’s no denying what an overpowering force Georgia’s defense has been through its first two games.  It would be fun to watch this team blow up the current “you don’t need great defense, just enough defense to win titles these days” conventional wisdom.


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Football is a simple game.

I think the football equivalent of that is “whip the hell out of the other guy along both lines of scrimmage”.

Georgia did that with a vengeance last night.


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I haven’t had the chance to see this game yet, so I have an honest question.

How does an SEC team run for more than 400 yards and lose?  Isn’t that against the rules, or something?


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Mission accomplished.

Dude played like it took it personally.

In particular, although it was a fairly meaningless moment in the vast scheme of things last night, I absolutely loved the way he blew up Gus’ bullshit attempt at trickeration at the end of the first half.


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Envy and jealousy, outside looking in edition

Believe it or not, the best write up of last night’s game I’ve come across so far is in the Washington Post.  A sample:

First, Bennett faced a scary rush from Big Kat Bryant and Derick Hall, ran like a wise man to his left and threw to Jackson for 17 yards along the left sideline. Everything awakened. Cylinders began to look oiled. White, one of two excellent backs for a program that often seems to have two excellent backs, scored easily from the 1 through a hole through which a pandemic food-delivery truck could drive. The Georgia offense with new coordinator Todd Monken, which in another edition finished 46th in the country in yards per play last year, and 72nd in passing offense, began to flirt with an unfamiliar adjective: unstoppable.

Inject that directly into my veins, please.


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It ain’t coachspeak if you can back it up.

No brag, just fact.

Make it six-for-six.

The only thing I can ding Kirbs for is pretending last night was a little different.  Nah.  Same old, same old.


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TFW beating a hated rival becomes a habit

Ho hum, I guess.


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