Football is a simple game.

I think the football equivalent of that is “whip the hell out of the other guy along both lines of scrimmage”.

Georgia did that with a vengeance last night.


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  1. theotherdoug

    Is Auburn man enough to beat UGA?


  2. dawg100

    100% agree.

    1st down absolute domination allowed us to do anything we wanted on 2nd down and forced them into 2nd and long all night.

    Domination on both sides of the ball on the lines was the key.

    Seth Williams is a beast and absolutely looked like he had been on the losing end of a 15 round heavyweight fight. I don’t think he came back in later.

    Brutal beat down.

    Very enjoyable evening.

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  3. Tony BarnFart

    I’m trying to compare this game to another but i’m having trouble. In the first 20 minutes, were pounding their ass on both sides of the ball like our hair was on fire.

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  4. That was one of the most thorough ass whippings on both sides of the line I’ve seen from this program. At least in a big game. That decided the game in the first couple possessions.

    Offensively, the OL was just falling forward for 3-5 and Zeus did a good job following them. Defensively, it looked like we shut them down mostly out of base D because the DL and sometimes one LB couldn’t be stopped. They regularly whipped 5 OL with 4. Auburn’s OTs were getting desperate near the end of the first half.

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  5. DaveinAZ

    Quick observations that are not about the incredible defense…

    We have an OC that can make defenses look bad…that is a new experience for lifetime DAWGS

    James Cook showed signs of being great last night – channeling Mr. SEC here

    ZEUS – enough said

    We need a nickname for Kearis Jackson – we will be saying it a lot (btw KJ seems too lame for this kid)

    Joey Galloway is an idiot – but you already knew that (see his pre and post game comments). Still talking about our bad first half against Arky after the game last night

    D’Wan Mathis body language while on mop up duty looked exactly like Justin Fields two years ago. I half expect a tweet today saying he handed the ball off as good as F. I hope I am wrong about this. I don’t know him and Maybe he just has that type personality.

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    • 69Dawg

      I thought the same thing. The close up of his face waiting for the signal was exactly like what the heck I’m I doing here cleaning up. If Beck is any good D’wan will be gone at the end of the season.


  6. Matt Luke earned his paycheck this past week.

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  7. Dawglicious

    The part of that scene right before that clip could go like this:

    Kirby: “You lollygag at the end of your routes. Do you know what that makes you?…..Landers?”

    Landers: “Lollygaggers!”

    Kirby, disgustedly: “Lollygaggers.”


  8. Castleberry

    Can someone put together a highlight reel of Nix’ fourth quarter pass attempts? He was running for his life and threw as many sidearm / underhand desperation heaves as he did regular throws.

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    • The one that was the best was when they couldn’t decide if it was an incomplete pass, intentional grounding, or a fumble.


      • Wasn’t that the play where Anderson just about got his head torn off by an Auburn O lineman, but no penalty was called?


      • debbybalcer

        It was a fumble.

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        • FlyingPeakDawg

          Yes! He was transferring the ball to his left hand and was trying to find a grip while being tackled. If he was a RB there would be no question but as a QB they gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was somehow attempting a shovel pass to nowhere. SEC replay booth in B’Ham FTW at least on then IG.


  9. SEC football is about the line of scrimmage, period. The team that wins the LOS typically wins the game. We didn’t just win the LOS … we dominated.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Matt Luke is earning his paycheck. Monken is earning his. Lanning is earning his. Cochran is earning his. It got lost in all the other good things that happened, but I really like McIntosh on kickoff returns. He runs north and south really fast if he can see a crack to go through, but if he doesn’t see one, he smartly takes a knee. Pretty much every phase of the game looks pretty good right now. Maybe this season isn’t going to be a clusterfuck. Now worried that I may regret saying that. 😉

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  11. practicaldawg

    The more I watch replays of this game, the more convinced I am that this was one of the most physically punishing games I’ve seen Kirby deliver to an opponent. It’s like every play was personal. Even the times a Barn receiver made a play, his reward was a punishing hit and often gang tackle as our DBs relentlessly swarmed. Nix looked completely checked out emotionally in the 4th quarter too. Unlike last year, all hope was abandoned.


    • rigger92

      That physicality we saw was what I was worried about based on my general feelings at AR. Boy, was I wrong, or, KS hounded his team like a madman all week.


  12. SoCalDawg

    I found it interesting that McClendon played all 1st half @ RT and Condon all 2nd half @ RT. They could be in a tight battle and trying to figure out the chemistry, including w/ SB4. Or maybe we are most effective with the split. Rest of the line seemed uniform all night. Salyer, Shaffer, Hill, Cleveland unless I missed something. But boy, did the perform. Fantastic work.