Don’t stop believin’, Urnge edition.

Damn, let UT beat up on some weak competition and suddenly the sky’s the limit.

It’s beginning to look as if the Big Orange just might have the best team in the SEC East, if not the whole Southeastern Conference…

Nor does the rest of the division look overwhelming. Even lordly Alabama has made enough errors on both sides of the ball to provide a vaguely reasonable hope for its opponents.

And within the East Division only, Florida’s defense looks less than terrifying. Georgia’s offense was downright awful for much of its opening win at Arkansas.

Throw in a little Jeremy Pruitt channeling his inner-Booch (“We’ve got a bunch of guys who are winners.”) and you can go ahead and pencil the Vols into the CFP semis now.  What a time to be alive!



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27 responses to “Don’t stop believin’, Urnge edition.

  1. gastr1

    “UT looks closer to its 1990s glory days than it has in two decades”

    LOL. Four 10-win seasons in this century, but I guess it just seems like they’ve been that long ago.


  2. DC Weez

    Yeah, that Guarantano guy is going to win the Heisman too. I guess we should just forfeit now and avoid further huliliation.


  3. akascuba

    It`s been a long time since writers had the chance to dangle hungry Vol fans click bait. Expect to see lots of this trash all week.

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  4. ASEF

    They’re sort of right. The SEC is sending its two division champs to the playoffs this year. But Tennessee isn’t winning its division.

    They’re better than Auburn. 27-10.

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    • gastr1

      Do you think so? I was pondering that myself.


      • dawg100

        Their OL is definitely better than Auburn’s is this year, and UT has some good to excellent players sprinkled throughput, such as Q. Crouch, Alontae Taylor, Aubrey Solomon, etc., but AU is close to, if not still, more talented overall, IMO.

        Dawgs win 41-14, again.

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  5. biggusrickus

    Tennessee’s six-game SEC winning streak features two wins over South Carolina and Missouri and a win each over Vandy and Kentucky. I’m not overly impressed.

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  6. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    So Tennessee thinks they are coming to play the Ray Goff Dawgs of the 90s. Wow. They are going to be un petit surprised on the ride back to rocky top wrapped in all their bandages.

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  7. “Georgia’s offense was downright awful for much of its opening win” As the senator likes to say, “much of its opening win” does a lot of heavy lifting there.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      How did you post a gif???

      I’ve been trying to do this forever!


      • Spell Dawg

        Just post the url for the gif, nothing else (code-wise). It has to be located online somewhere (like and you need to make sure you are posting a link that ends in the file extension “.gif” or it’ll just show up as a link. Gif sites like to give you several formats, pick the one that’s a simple link ending in the file extension (this is also how you can post jpg photos, etc.,)

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  8. Derek

    I just hope our guy’s aren’t on Alabama week. We need to play this week like we played vs. Auburn.

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    • Down Island Way

      There were to many missed blocks, not enough effort on 2nd down plays, route running spacing was suffering, tackling was non existent on special teams play…just enough for CKS keep the teams attention through saturday, then on to the bammers week….


  9. David D

    If they show up in Athens with a trash can, we’re in big trouble.

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  10. wtm121

    He use the first half of the Arky game to bash our offense, while ignoring how we’ve played since. Then I scrolled down and saw the huge picture of the writer at the end of the article-wtf?

    Let them talk. Barners ran their yaps all week until we stuffed a boot in it.

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  11. Russ

    Their OL is legit, but so is our DL, and the rest of our defense will stymie their offense. The more Stetson gets to work with the first team offense, the better everyone will be. Just look how smooth he was after just one week with the one’s. We will grind the vowels into dust this Saturday.

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    • rigger92

      It will be an entertaining “good on good” when TN comes to town. I also think our O will have a tougher fight against their D. TN is improving. I just don’t know any team outside of Alabama that can withstand the physicality we displayed against AU for an entire game.


  12. charlottedawg

    If georgia looks ahead to alabama they could certainly lose to Tennessee but the only thing the Vols win streak tells me is that they haven’t played alabama, georgia or florida in 8 games as those are assumed losses before every year begins until the Vols prove differently

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  13. stoopnagle

    2-8 in the last ten & lost the last three by an average of over thirty points. At what point do they start to understand who they are?


  14. Warren Thomas

    Got to love the statement from Guarantano that the author cites as showing his “maturity” and reminds him of Manning and Martin’s leadership: “We’ve got a lot to learn from … Got to get better,” and “I’ve got an off night to analyze (the Bulldogs).”

    WOW, those are POWERFUL words of a great leader… (#sarcasm).


  15. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I can’t listen to Pruitt speak.

    Every time I hear that illiterate redneck murder the English language, I lose IQ points.