SEC Power Poll, Week Two


Is the SEC East stronger than the West?  You can make the case for that, at least at the top… for now.

  1. Alabama.  Offensively, they remain a juggernaut.  Defensively, they remain good enough.
  2. Georgia.  The Dawgs have given up 16 points in two games, the conference’s lowest total.  Tennessee is next, at 39.
  3. Florida.  Like it or not, Trask is playing very well and Mullen directs a very good offense.  Pitts is incredible.  The defense, on the other hand…
  4. Auburn.  For the moment, I’m prepared to blame Georgia for Auburn’s bad night.
  5. LSU.  Bo Pelini is making $2.3 million a year.  Methinks he’s a wee bit overpaid.
  6. Tennessee.  The longest winning streak in the conference stretches to eight.  Before we get too excited, though, it’s worth noting that Jarrett Guarantano ranks behind Stetson Bennett in passer rating.
  7. Texas A&M.  The Aggie faithful are starting to yell for Urban Meyer.
  8. Mississippi State.  Sometimes you’re up.  Sometimes you’re down.  MSU swallowed the rat poison.
  9. Ole Miss.  Last year was Plumlee’s, but this year Matt Corral is third nationally in passer rating.  Is there an epic Egg Bowl in the making?
  10. Kentucky.  So near, and yet so far.
  11. South Carolina.  Running an 18-play, 74-yard scoreless drive that chews up almost eight minutes when you’re down by 14 with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter?  That’s so Muschamp.
  12. Arkansas.  How can you not be happy for Sam Pittman?
  13. Missouri.  Already circling the date in two weeks when the Tigers play Vanderbilt.
  14. Vanderbilt. Not as bad as last year’s Vanderbilt is still bad.


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12 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Two

  1. CB

    Does Bono deserve any blame for running the clock out on S Carolina?


  2. kokainmothershed

    Did I disappoint you, (by using almost the entire game clock)
    Or leave a bad taste in your mouth? (with the 4th down TD drop)
    You act like you never had love, (SC’s barren trophy case)
    And you want me to go without. (Boom’s days may be numbered)

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    “Running an 18-play, 74-yard scoreless drive that chews up almost eight minutes when you’re down by 14 with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter?”

    I’ll bet it was a well-balanced drive. Looks like CMB still can’t comprehend the objective of an offense is to score points.


    • Not sure that was on Bobo, at least not all of it. Boom was asked about it at his presser and gave a three-and-a-half minute answer that boiled down to him wanting to protect his two remaining timeouts.


    • Russ

      Hey, why all the hate on Boom/Bobo? The certified offensive genius “Sideshow” Dan Mullen did the exact same thing against us last year to bring the score within a touchdown (looks sooo much better than the actual beating they took). Of course, the Gators did finally score a TD, but then they had to rely on 3rd and Grantham to bail them out. Hahahahaha!

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  4. Russ

    SEC Shorts has a great one on Arkansas this week. 🙂

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  5. TEXBaller

    I’d flip LSU & MissSt —- otherwise, all is right in the SEC world.


  6. RangerRuss

    Meyer at TAMU? Really? Tell me you’re keeding.


  7. After Texas’s latest defeat at the hands of Gary Patterson and his Horned Frogs, some of the Longhorn faithful have turned on Hermann and are calling for them to open up the checkbook for Corch.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ed Orgeron is gonna join the Gene Chizik Flash in the Pan club pretty fast.