2020 = 2004?

Could Saturday’s game against Tennessee be a case of déjà vu all over again?  Urnge Nation wouldn’t mind.

Former Tennessee wide receiver Jayson Swain didn’t have any trouble deciding who to yell for during Saturday night’s Auburn-Georgia game.

“I was kind of rooting for Georgia to beat Auburn,” he said on Monday afternoon. “I wanted the Bulldogs to be feeling good about themselves this week. I wanted everybody down in Athens telling them how great they are.”

If anyone understands how hard it can be to perform at your best two weeks in a row within the Southeastern Conference — and it would be hard to perform better than Georgia did in last Saturday’s 27-6 dismantling of then-No. 8 Auburn — it might be Swain, who was a key member of a Tennessee team that upset a similarly gifted Georgia bunch between UGA’s famed hedges in 2004, winning 19-14 to snap a 17-game Bulldogs home winning streak.

Played on October 9th of that year — this weekend’s game between the Vols and Dawgs will be Oct. 10 — Georgia was coming off a resounding 45-16 rout of defending SEC champ LSU.

Tennessee, on the other hand, was trying to bounce back from a 34-10 loss to Auburn, which might explain why the Dawgs were 12.5-point favorites. Beyond that, the Vols were ranked No. 17 to UGA’s No. 3.

Now fast-forward to this season. No, UT isn’t coming off a double-digit loss, but rather a 35-12 victory over Missouri. But they are ranked 14th to Georgia’s — drum roll, please — No. 3. And the first betting lines released on Monday had the Bulldogs favored by 13 points. Twilight Zone music, anyone?

In ’04, the Dawgs swallowed the rat poison after blowing out Nick Saban’s defending national champs the week before and looked like it against the Vols.

“I can’t explain it,” said Greene, who threw a school-record five touchdown passes against LSU. “I couldn’t explain it last week, and I can’t explain it today.”

Will Smart remind his charges of the risk of history repeating?  Probably until they’re sick of hearing about it.


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27 responses to “2020 = 2004?

  1. Gaskilldawg

    No, it isn’t.

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  2. timphd

    That game is unfortunately burned into my memory. I was crushed as I truly thought that team had a chance to go undefeated after stomping LSU. I am slightly anxious about Saturday, but what do I know, I was anxious about last Saturday too.

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  3. All Kirby has to do is remind his defense how poorly they played to the standard at Kneeland last year.


    • That’s a very good point. Nix was rattled but elusive, and Anderson still finished with two sacks. Vols have a better Oline than the Barn but pass rushers should still feast.


  4. Derek

    Unless John Chavis and David Cutcliffe are returning to the press box, I’m not concerned.

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  5. David K

    Kirby watched how Saban handled Bama for a long time. When you rely on getting amped up and emotion to win, you have letdowns and lose games you shouldn’t to teams like Tennessee. Bama for a long time goes out every week and dominates because they have better players and they’re better coached. We’re not all the way there yet as South Carolina proved last year but Kirby has this program pretty close to where Bama is. We’ll be fine and crush UT this weekend.

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    • Russ

      Good assessment and I like it. Kirby does seem to tamp down on the emotions, though I know he hates everything orange. I think our talent overwhelms 10RC Saturday night.


  6. Biggen

    I guess anything is possible but I don’t see that happening. We have better personnel in literally every position I can think of.

    Guarantano will fold like a cheap suit with pressure. He doesn’t have near the elusiveness that Nix has.

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  7. charlottedawg

    God I remember that weekend, we thought we were just gonna roll to an sec east title after throttling lsu and tennessee starting some poor freshman qb named Ainge was gonna get destroyed. Georgia promptly shits the bed as do the braves in the NLDS, georgia sports in nutshell all in one weekend.


    • dawg100

      Yes and no. That UT team was considerably better coached and talented. The rat poison that year was not realizing that losing to that damn good Auburn team wasn’t an indicator.


  8. Show a clip of 2019 South Carolina.

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  9. Tennessee is improved. Their defense has some good players, their OL is better than Auburn’s.

    The problem is that Tennessee will have to run the ball to win. UGA plays the run very well. If they can’t run, they’ll need to pass to win, and I doubt they can do eight-play, pass heavy drives against UGA’s secondary again and again. They don’t have that WR mismatch like Kyle Pitts or Seth Williams (or any of Alabama’s cadre of weapons), so I like the UGA secondary against their WRs.

    If they can’t run and they can’t pass their way down the field, they have to hit homeruns over and over. Auburn had a couple open and missed each time. The Vols will likely hit at least one, but counting on homeruns is not a winning gameplan. Which gets back to… they have to run to win. If they can’t, they need penalties, turnovers, meteors, the rapture, something to make UGA’s offense equally ineffective and hope for an ugly game of field goals.

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    • otto1980

      In theory I agree. However, I had the ’04 games in my mind during the 2nd half of the Auburn game. We know that was 16 years ago, another coach, etc, etc. but it enters my mind. I was at the LSU and UT game back in ’04.

      I think Smart does a good job of getting teams ready to play and UGA wins. I haven’t looked into UT’s defensive front 7 but Auburn had turnover which likely showed. We’ll see odd things this year more so than past years look at LSU getting beat by Miss. St. and then Miss. St then next week.


  10. Greg

    yep….there was another game (different year) when we went down to Baton Rouge and Quincy hit like 15 or 16 in a row for a new record. We won, only to lose the following week against UT….very disappointing.


  11. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    again, the Vols think they are playing against those softer UGA teams of the past – this UGA war machine is constructed very differently and has a very different leader at the tip of spear.

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  12. W Cobb Dawg

    2004, huh? It’s getting to where they have to reach further and further back in history to find these gems.

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  13. PTC DAWG

    He’s gone.


  14. biggusrickus

    The 2004 team was good, but they were not similarly talented to this Georgia team. The LSU game was a major anomaly that year. Georgia had spent the previous three weeks looking unimpressive against Georgia Southern, South Carolina (against whom they had to rally from 16-0) and Marshall. Outside of LSU, the only major conference teams they beat by more than a touchdown were Vandy and Kentucky.


  15. RangerRuss

    ”Tenuhsay gon beat yaw’s ice!”, proclaimed a dentally challenged Appalachian American at the gas pump this morning. Big white T on the rear window of that piece of Chevrolet truck sporting a Murray county tag. Only thing on my truck identifying me as a UGA fan is the G valve stem caps.
    They’re so easy to hate.


  16. stoopnagle

    I’ll never forgive that 2004 team. Almost as disappointing as the 2008 version.

    That said, I think those days are part of the past. I expect the Vols to have early success off of Cheney’s script and then sputter to a halt once he has to improvise.

    We’ll just chug along to our 27-30 points while our defense slowly snuffs the life out of their offense. Dawgs on Top.

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  17. Tony BarnFart

    With Cade Mays’s presence on their O-Line, the complacency angle projected on the Georgia defense is wishful thinking, regardless of how diplomatic the parties have presented this to the media. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him get rattled and get a personal foul or worse.