While I’m on the subject of the history of the Georgia-Tennessee series, there’s never a bad time to share this.


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  1. GruvenDawg

    I absolutely went ballistic after that play. So much pent up nervousness vs UT. Mark Richt absolutely turned that series around (among others). They owned us in the 90’s and I hate them almost as much as FU.

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  2. tenesseewasnevergreat

    I was watching that game on tv and got sent out to pick up my brother from some event at his school so I had to finish listening on the radio. Made it so much better.


  3. Russ

    What a beautiful thing! And not sure who that CBS announcer was but I didn’t mind at all that Tennessee lost that game.

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  4. Godawg

    Sat in the endzone at Neyland next to Scott Howard and watched it unfold right below me. One of the top three games I’ve ever attended. The Vol fans were pissed after the game and it was the beginning of the end for Fulmer as coach. Sweet, sweet day…

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  5. Greg

    Was there, never been to a stadium that was that loud….and that quiet in the same evening.

    You couldn’t hear yourself talk one minute, then could hear a pin drop the next.


  6. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Greatest away game i have ever been to.
    especially after being a UGA student of the 90s and living atop heartbreak hill from many a UT and UF games…
    i think it is why i gave richt so much slack at the end

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  7. If you’ve got 27 minutes to spare, check out the “whole-game” Munson highlights of the 2001 Tennessee game here:

    I’ll be posting an abridged version later on this afternoon or tomorrow, on the Game of the Week page at this site.

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  8. theotherdoug

    Pruitt is hoping to make this year his Hobnail Boot game.


    • stoopnagle

      In his third year? Man, the best part of the Hobnail Boot is that it was Richt’s first year and it told Vols that tide had turned. They owned us up until then – so much so that we tore down our own stadium when we finally beat them in 2000 (one of the craziest nights I’ve ever experienced at Sanford Stadium) – and since? 13-6. We’ve won the east 8 times since then with 3 SEC titles; Vols have 3 Easts and 0 SECs.

      It’s why I laugh at their faces when they post that Hail Mary from ’16: that was a peak for them against our first year coach who turned around and hung 41 on em the next year.

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  9. The Truth

    I still tear up — I’ll admit it.

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  10. If anyone wants to feel old this morning, Verron’s son Justice is a class of 2023 RB recruit

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  11. Salty Dawg

    I hope there are some future face stomping, nose breaking, hobnail boot action going on many, many times this Saturday! The vowels need to be kicked in the pants and sent home crying.

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  12. “You hate that one of the teams has to leave the stadium a loser.”

    Uh…….. No I don’t. I am absolutely giddy with glee any time Tennessee loses, and when they lose to us, its 10x as great.

    I went to UGA Law School 1995-1998 during UT’s 10 year run of beating us. It was miserable.

    When we finally beat them in 2000 ( “Rocky Stop” ) it was tremendous. And when Richt beat them as 11 point underdogs, it was truly a changing of the guard.

    I hate Tennessee as much as I hate Florida or Auburn. While I’ve been a UGA fan since I was a youngster watching Herschel in the Sugar Bowl, it was my years at UGA law school that forever forged permanent dedication. UT just dominated us then, so I will always hate them a little extra.

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  13. Tony BarnFart

    I was in the stadium but can’t remember….did we take a knee on the extra point so as to avoid the potential disaster of a block/return/2pt=tie game ?