Delta force

Something we need to be mindful of as Saturday approaches is the weather.  It’s already having an impact on one game that day.

LSU’s football game against Missouri is expected to be relocated from Tiger Stadium to Faurot Field in Columbia, Missouri, on Saturday because of Hurricane Delta, multiple sources told The Advocate on Tuesday.

A long day of discussions between the schools explored multiple options at different neutral-site locations, and, ultimately, moving the game to Missouri became the most realistic option.

LSU has never played Missouri in its home state, and it took one of the most turbulent years in recent memory to make it happen.

The Category 4 Delta is the sixth gulf storm to take aim at Louisiana, and weather projections forecast the storm is expected to make landfall in southeast Louisiana on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Now, Athens isn’t going to get the brunt of it like Louisiana is expected to, but it’s going to generate plenty of rain in our state.  The latest forecast I’ve seen shows the chance for rain starting in the early morning Saturday and steadily increasing as the day progresses.  The good news is that it should be light all day (total accumulation is about a third of an inch) and that the temperature should be in the mid-70s.

Anybody know if Stetson can handle a wet ball better than Jake did?



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14 responses to “Delta force

  1. Down Island Way

    Not rain, nor snow or those urnge assholes will stop ” the mailman” from delivery….

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  2. munsonlarryfkajim

    Seems like he would have small hands…

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  3. Or better than Lambert? Lambert had small hands.


  4. I just find it hard to believe Delta won’t go through Atlanta before landing anywhere else…

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  5. I am sure MO wont mind 3 floors of a hotel being booked for a week. Lots of storms this year.


  6. Dawg in Austin

    It does appear from his grip on the ball that his hands are bigger than Fromm’s. So there’s that.


  7. practicaldawg

    Wind, rain, and lots of pressure sounds like a bad forecast for Guarantano’s passing game.


  8. CB

    Welp as we learned last year against Kentucky it is impossible to throw the ball in the rain. Can’t be done. Also, any amount of rain qualifies as a monsoon as long as you’re using the term to excuse a poor offensive performance from your favorite football team.

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  9. He can’t be any worse.


  10. The line has already dropped 2 points (14.5 to 12.5). I wonder if that says more about the weather or what people think about the competition.


    • I think it’s the delusional 10rc fans who believe they have a chance to keep it close or win a “trap” game. The sharps in Vegas don’t get it wrong very often.

      This year’s village idiot, Barrett Sallee, is saying take the points. I’m sure he is dead broke after all of the money he put on Auburn to smoke us last week.