Welcome to the Sunshine State.

I don’t get this, but it is what it is.

Are we really going to have a full house at the Cocktail Party now?



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  1. biggusrickus

    Brace yourself. You might even witness handshakes or God forbid, hugs.

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  2. Granthams Replacement

    There won’t be enough requests to sell all the seats. Both schools will have to solicit buyers.


  3. Patrick O'Rouke

    I can’t see UGA or UF going for that. UGA already took (undeserved, imo) heat for some of the TV shots from the Auburn game. Being the first college football game with packed stands would send the dumpster fire that is twitter into a meltdown.

    Related, the Russians had packed stands for the F1 race weekend before last in Sochi. I was kind of shocked when I first saw it. If we could actually trust anything that came out of that regime, it would be fascinating to find out how they emerged from that event.

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  4. Biggen

    Excellent. Don’t leave Chinese virus rule your life. Get out of the house already! Disney World was a blast over the weekend.

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    • I’m not sure if you’re directing that comment at me, but, if you are, I went to the Auburn game. So I’ve already been there, done that.

      Chilling with 70+ thousand, many of whom will be drunk/young/or both, is a horse of an entirely different color. But you should go!

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    You don’t get what? Glad to see some folks are for opening up the Country.

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  6. This should be fun on the same day as the playpen with tribalism gushing forth out of the orifices of certain GTP patrons.

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  7. akascuba

    First I don`t believe either school would be stupid enough to risk their players/future earnings for the extra gate dollars this would create. The risk/reward just does not add up so follow the money no extra tickets.

    If Im totally wrong my two and parking pass are available for sale to the highest Dawg bidder. Not a chance Im going to a full stadium in 2020.


  8. By the time JAX makes a decision, figuring out tix will be too late.


  9. Sam Johnson

    Hmmm. Let’s have 70,000 people sit shoulder to shoulder, cheering and yelling for 3-5 hours. Next, randomly assign the virus to 3,500-7,000 of these people (recent FL positivity rates). How many more would get infected? How many of these new cases would infect others in the week or two after? What would be the economic costs of more cases? How many excess deaths would result?

    Whatever the answers, Gov D has decided they are outweighed by the “benefit” of having another 50k people attend a football game. This is what I do not get.


    • Don’t worry. The deaths continue to decline. If you are elderly and/or have comorbidities, don’t go to football games. Otherwise, there is little risk of death.

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      • californiadawg

        screen name checks out.

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      • godawgs1701

        I must have missed the part where Donald Trump went to a football game, but I don’t follow his every movement.

        Look, death isn’t the only bad thing that can happen to you if you contract this virus. And we have seen repeatedly over the past seven months and in particular over the past seven days just how contagious it is and how easily someone can unwittingly carry it to someone who is VERY vulnerable. I was at the Georgia-Auburn game and was happy to be seated in an area where there was plenty of distance, but I still wore a mask the entire game. I’ll be there Saturday, too, but I won’t be in any full-capacity facility. If you are, then I really hope you’ll stay home for two weeks after.


  10. DeSantis hasn’t mandated full capacity. It’s still the team/stadium authority who has the final say. I don’t imagine this changes anything about any plans at any open air stadium for the remainder of the season.

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  11. ASEF

    Regal Cinema just suspended all operations. Not because “lock downs” won’t let them operate. Because no one with a brain sees the reward of dropping $20 a head to watch a movie for 2-3 hours in an enclosed space to be worth the risk.

    Life returns to near normal with public confidence in public data (testing and tracing), therapeutics, and neighborly responsibility. As a country, we’re 0-3 right now.

    Things are getting better, and the real estate market up here is great if you’re a seller. But no way am I doing large crowds right now, especially if alcohol and young people are involved.

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