A stat to love

Via Seth Emerson ($$):

Since a broken coverage by the secondary allowed a long Arkansas touchdown pass in the opener, Georgia’s defense over 22 drives has scored as many points — 9, thanks to a safety and pick-six — as it has allowed.

You can win a lot of games doing that.




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19 responses to “A stat to love

  1. vidaliadawg

    I got up to get a beer and missed that Arkansas touchdown. To me, it never happened.

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    • Dawglicious

      I like the way you think! I have a few moments like that: 1999 Auburn game, I left my seat right after kickoff to get a fresh mixer; it was so crowded in the concourse I didn’t get back for 30 minutes. Looked at the scoreboard and it was 28-0 bad guys, I had no idea and luckily no memory of it.My buddies that witnessed it looked terrible.

      2014 Ga Tech OT loss: With the fam at Disney World, got on Pirates of the Caribbean late 4th Quarter, ride broke down, got to float in the Spanish fort scene with no cell service, emerged later with no memory of what I later read was a low point in Georgia football history.

      While technically not missing the game, I was in the mountains listening to Munson for the Boise St Nike Pro Combat Uniform game. I never saw a snap of that game on replay or highlights, so it’s like we never wore them for me.


      • stoopnagle

        Fucking Ben Leard.


      • akascuba

        The 1999 Auburn game was that one one where we replaced our DC at halftime with the previously demoted DC? Was it Kevin Ramsay maybe our worst DC in the last 30 years including 3rd and Willie.

        I was at all three of those disasters and none were worse than losing to Boise State on opening day in the dome with our team dressed like clowns. Those horrible uniforms should be saved as a threat or form of punishment to be worn at practice in front of team mates. Second offenders get to wear them to picture day.

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    • Down Island Way

      After a few brews, my response is the same…”nope that wasn’t me, it never happened”…..


  2. rigger92

    Didn’t Alabama have a defense one year that kept itself zeroed out through the season? Or, at least close?


  3. godawgs1701

    The ol’ carbon neutral defense. I like it.

    Man, someone’s coming to get Dan Lanning, aren’t they…

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    • classiccitycanine

      They already came after him this past off-season.We might get one more season out of him.

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      • godawgs1701

        “SEC Inside” was focused on Georgia-Auburn this week and they showed a lot of footage of Lanning and Monken coaching in practice. Lanning is pretty impressive and you can really tell that he’s got a connection with his players – he won’t be leaving to run anyone else’s defense, but I can see someone giving him a shot at the big chair sometime soon. I just hope that he’ll wait to take the right job and not just jump at the first one offered. He doesn’t need to be the head coach at Louisiana-Monroe. I think he can do what Kirby did and build his resume up for a Power Five gig. But those are gonna be coming, too…

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    • spur21

      Pay him whatever it takes to keep him.

      Same thing with Monken.

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      • akascuba

        I think Monken is more likely to go first. The NFL money and opportunities may be too much. I`m hoping he loves the college life and looks at his paycheck with. Ya know a guy could do all right with this amount long term. Athens is looking better everyday.


    • akascuba

      I bet Landers has learned a lesson from Kirby. Wait till the right job comes along. Don`t do a Bobo. If Landers keeps this level of production up he can have his choice of top 10 jobs in time.


  4. armydawg

    Go Dawgs!!!!

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    As long as Kirby is there, it ain’t goin’ tuh matter.


  6. otto1980

    I agree this is a stat to love and no doubt the defense is top shelf.

    However, I would like to point to another stat. The only drives for the UGA offense shorter than 2 minutes against Auburn were the opening 3 and out, and the last drive of the 1st half which had less than 2 min. on the clock.


    The ability to eat up the clock and move the ball even if not points started with Bennett getting comfortable.


    I made the point Bobo’s boom or bust offenses and Richt special teams didn’t help mediocre DCs. UGA’s defense is getting help form both. The offense and punter deserve credit here as well.

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