Not the offensive line you were expecting

Wait a minute…

Where’s Tennessee?


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7 responses to “Not the offensive line you were expecting

  1. Ken Wilkinson

    That Notre Dame grade is outrageous. Of course they’ve played USF and Duke, but that grade is good against air.

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  2. GruvenDawg

    So I wonder how they got to those numbers. I would have assumed Owen Conden’s numbers in the Ark game were bad. Are they just grading the current starting five in a squad or everyone that played the position in a game. Regardless it very interesting that Bama, UTK and UK aren’t in that too 5


    • Down Island Way

      Should the 4th coming of Stetson Bennett have a clean # 13 jersey at 7 p.m. Saturday night (weather permitting), that is whats expected from this OL….


  3. akascuba

    I remember after the first game we were told the o-line was terrible by the national media. Hopefully we get to play all the games and not let those air heads decide who is best.


    • Derek

      They were bad in the first half vs. Arkansas.

      Been pretty good the last 6 quarters tho.

      They bullied Auburn. Been waiting to see us push an sec defensive front around. Thought it would happen last year. It didn’t.

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  4. That drop off from ND to everyone else! I’m sure someone is calling them national championship quality. Different year, same story.

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  5. stoopnagle

    I’m told the Vols have the best OL in the country so this must just be the “ROY bus” list.