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There are times when I think life comes at Les Miles fast every single day.


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  1. Mandel and a couple of other people tweeted that the night before, Miles was on his call in show and mentioned that he had a cold. Yet now they are claiming that even tho he tested positive, he’s not showing any symptoms.


  2. mddawg

    I wonder if it’s the school or the conferences that determines whether he’s allowed to coach or not. Mike Norvell wasn’t able to coach FSU’s game against Miami because he had tested positive, but I’m not sure if he had a fever or other symptoms.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    So Les did what coaches do: told players to be a man and accept the risk, run through walls, give 120%, all that stuff I wish I’d learned when I was young (truly). And now Les got bit.
    I wear a mask in public and for clients because it makes others more comfortable and I don’t think the SCIENCE is settled, but there’s no need to gloat and say ‘told ya so’. YMMV


    • “If they opt out because of the pandemic, then they opt into the pandemic.”

      If only life were as simple as Les Miles thinks it is.

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    • yogiberradawg

      Don’t gloat ? The senator is pointing out how irresponsible it would be to coach after testing positive. It isn’t about being a man, it is about the fact that Miles is likely contagious. It is about protecting the players and other coaches. You don’t have to have symptoms to be contagious.


      • sniffer

        He’s contagious, you say. From the way UK has played, I’m not sure any of their players know who the coach is, let alone been near him.


    • Spell Dawg

      I don’t think the SCIENCE is settled
      No, it’s as settled as Climate Change. Your at the stage where you need to find some argument akin to “sure, it’s probably real, but we don’t know for sure man is causing it.


  4. Down Island Way

    Coach Miles isn’t very “Interesante” since he went to hoops country….


  5. Did not know “eating grass” was a risk factor, but here we are…


  6. Best wishes and good luck to coach Les Miles but with a survivability rate of 99.98% very little luck is needed.