Jacksonville stiff-arms the Governor.

Sorry, freedom lovers, but they’re not expanding attendance for the Cocktail Party.

Restrictions on sporting events that take place in a stadium setting have been lifted in the state of Florida but the annual showdown in Jacksonville between Georgia and Florida will take place in front of a limited crowd. The limitations, however, will be announced at a later date.

Georgia sports information released a statement on Friday providing assurances that the crowd inside Everbank Field on November 7 will be reduced. It also provided additional details on the safety measures that will be in place both at the venue and around the city of Jacksonville.

In efforts to ensure safety amongst all fans and attendees, the game will take place with limited capacity. In addition, RV City and all ancillary events including the Hall of Fame Luncheon and Duuuval’s Bold City Bash will not take place this year. Complete game day safety policies and procedures will be announced at a later date closer to the game.

The City of Jacksonville Division of Sports and Entertainment will host six Information and First Aid Zones within the Sports Complex and Downtown Jacksonville. The zones will provide free assistance to all fans and attendees that include first aid needs, transportation information, directions, and more.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing the most current public safety and traffic information for the 2020 Georgia-Florida football game. JSO coordinates with the City of Jacksonville, the University of Florida and the University of Georgia to provide the information fans need to make the most of the weekend. All event information related to public safety, road closures and traffic can also be found on JSO’s website at www.jaxsheriff.org. For live game day traffic updates, passengers are encouraged to follow JSO on twitter @JSOPIO.

Speaking only for myself, that’s a relief.  Selfish, I know.


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26 responses to “Jacksonville stiff-arms the Governor.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m still a mask and distance skeptic because ‘they’ just haven’t proven it to me yet; however this is an issue on which I heartily support anybody’s different opinion. Also, ‘why take chances’ is sound thinking.


  2. Anon

    The right call


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    A GOOD covid day in Florida is only 100 deaths. People should wear their fricken masks and be thankful they aren’t in ICU. Go Dawgs!


    • It’s been a great month because the peak number deaths was 78 several weeks back. But I get what you’re saying. Rational interpretation of data has no place in a pandemic. Just obey. And if the politicians don’t feel like locking is down, vote them out and get some that will.



    Good grief…


  5. The Governor didn’t say thou shalt open the stadiums to full capacity. He lifted the order requiring limits. If the City of Jacksonville and the schools wanted to increase seating as a result, they can. They have decided not to do it … freedom at work.

    There was no stiff arm.

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  6. There is still time for new science to develop from the Wednesday before the game . Not sure if the SEC would be able to act that fast though so likely no change in attendance for this game.


  7. RangerRuss

    Well I reckon I’m one of those ”freedom lovers” but you won’t find me in a big crowd of nasty, disease spreading, mask wearing humans. One of my concepts of freedom is not being held captive in ICU. I was social distancing before it was called that.
    When did common sense become a super power?


    • RR, you’re exercising your freedom as well. I live my life aware of the risk. I’m heading to Athens shortly with a plan to grab BBQ at Saucehouse with my daughter and her roommates and go with my face covering in my pocket. I plan to cheer them on to beat the hell out of the Hillbillies.

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  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    ♫ In Jacksonville they hate the governor ♫

    Well, you smiled a little didn’t you?

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  9. The Truth

    Now your next hurdle is social distancing at T-Ray’s.


  10. coppellis

    Love your blog. Have been a (mostly silent) reader for about 15 years. Or as long as you’ve been running maybe.
    Writing only to say it makes me sad to see some of the unprompted snarky comments about masks (freedom lovers) etc.
    I don’t really have a dog in that fight. Figure they can’t hurt and so forth.
    Writing only to say that UGA football and this blog specifically have brought me much joy and a break from “real life” for a long time.
    I’d wish for everyone to let us have this space. Free from all the stuff we have to hear the other 6 1/2 days.

    That’s all. Except two words. Two simple words which express the sentiments of the entire Bulldog Nation ….. (all together now)

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  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    One thing that will be different about the WLOCP this year – besides limited attendance – is that the game will be held after the election instead of before. At least there won’t be candidates campaigning as they have in prior election years.

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  12. Info Info

    Here’s the thing. I live in Florida and the governor ISN’T going to force anyone to fill their bars/stadiums etc…he is going to leaver it to PRIVATE organizations to manage themselves. He is giving the responsibility to those organizations that manage themselves. In other words he is treating adults like adults. No fines, no tickets etc…its called freedom.

    I don’t have a problem with this nor do I have a problem with the Jaguars choice to not allow the stadium to be filled. Btw – Jacksonville doesn’t manage the stadium capacity…the Jags do. That is part of the agreement between the city and the organization.

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