Just slingin’ in the rain

I asked earlier in the week how well Stetson can throw a wet ball.  This isn’t a complete answer to that question, but still…

“In high school, he loved Johnny Manziel,” said John DuPont, a teacher at Pierce County High who also calls the school’s games on radio. “He ran like him, too. We used to get called for a lot of holding penalties because he scrambled so much and would keep the play going so long that our O-linemen would get gassed and just hang onto guys.”

Bennett’s father, Stetson Bennett III, said his son always has been able to do that because, in addition to quickness, he has unusually large hands for his size.

I imagine unusually large hands are a good thing for a Mailman to have.


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9 responses to “Just slingin’ in the rain

  1. sniffer

    Unusually large hands you say? Now we’re beginning to understand why this young man has so much confidence and swagger.

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  2. With rainy conditions, I’m really liking the fact that we have Monken’s route trees and what appears to be much better route running. I feel like a muddy/sloshy field benefits the offense with receivers knowing their routes and nailing them, and I like Bennett’s chances of being on time to deliver.

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  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Gene Kelly approves.

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  4. originaluglydawg

    We may see Bennett on some keepers today. I just pray he doesn’t get hurt.

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  5. jdawg108

    BLOGGER says the mailman has big hands. But I know hands, I am 4-1 against the thumb.