No big plays

Requests aren’t usually my bag, but I’ll make an exception in this case.

What’s really impressive about that is Georgia hasn’t really been very explosive on offense so far.  It’s just another indication of how stifling the defense has been.


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3 responses to “No big plays

  1. Anon

    Lol. Mind blown for sure. I hope one day to decipher it all. Go dawgs

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  2. Remember the Quincy

    I’ll be the stats idiot here. What is EPA? Google only wants to tell me about the Environmental Protection Agency.


  3. willypmd

    Would love to see those numbers minus the misadventures of D’Wan.

    I know it’s not all on him, but he was the QB… so he owns a chunk of the blame.

    Also, may be my eyes deceive me, or maybe I just hate the Gators, but I do t care what their EPA numbers show, that defense is hot garbage.