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Sagarin’s computer is on drugs.

And I’ll have whatever it’s smoking.

Screenshot_2020-10-11 College Football Ratings Page



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Paranoia strikes deep.

‘Bama, you give up 647 yards (7.52 ypp) of offense, there’s gotta be a reason, right?

Well, sure, that makes complete sense.  Except for the fact that Junior’s been gone from Tuscaloosa for four years and the idea that the coach you play for, college football’s most detail-oriented, anal man, neglected to do something obvious like change signals after the departure of a coordinator is beyond far-fetched.

You know who else is a coordinator who left Alabama a few years ago to become a head coach, Dylan?  I hope your teammates worry about signals this week more than fundamentals like tackling.


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This week, in smug

Judging by this…

and this

  • I’m still not convinced that Georgia is very good overall. Very good lines? Absolutely. Great team speed on defense? You bet. Great at capitalizing on mistakes? Amen. But a good team? I’m kinda’ iffy on that proposition. We’ll see how good this week when the Dawgs play the first offense with a pulse they’ve seen all season.

Roll Bama Roll is gonna be a real treat to read over the next few days.


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TFW even you realize you’re overpaid

Missouri passer ratings, 2020 game log:

  • Alabama:  129.62
  • Tennessee:  121.25
  • LSU:  218.02

Who’da thunk Joe Burrow wouldn’t be the person LSU football would miss the most this season?


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Not the SEC you were expecting



Needless to say, this is not your father’s SEC.  A quick check of national stats shows half the conference is 44th or worse in defensive scoring (Oklahoma is 41st) and half are outside the top fifty in defensive yards per play.

Alabama is in both groups.  So is LSU.

In other words, what Smart and Lanning have done so far is truly remarkable.


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Swing your sword

Yar, baby.

That sounds… unpleasant.


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Name that caption, wide-eyed edition

Someone is in a state of disbelief.

Have at it in the comments.


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TFW you’re happy with the ending

Think Stetson’s having fun out there?

One day, this kid will be making casino promos.


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The Pit Boss gets hosed.

So, this happened.

Bo Nix, panicked after a botched snap, clearly throws the spike backwards, which makes it a fumble.

The problem for Arkansas was Nix wasn’t the only one who screwed up on the play.

Tl;dr version:  sorry, we screwed up, bye!

It never ceases to amaze me how a football league awash in revenue won’t make the effort to provide competent officiating.


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Swamp packin’

So, the Portal Master™, fresh off a loss to Texas A&M that he blames on crowd noise instead of a defense that couldn’t get off the field on third down (opposing offenses are converting third downs at almost a 60% clip), proposes a solution to the problem.

“I know our governor passed that rule, so certainly, hopefully the university administration decides to let us pack the Swamp against LSU … 100 percent, because that crowd was a major factor in the game,” Mullen said. “So I certainly hope our university administration follows the governor. The governor has passed a rule that we’re allowed to pack the Swamp and have 90,000 in the Swamp to give us the home-field advantage Texas A&M had today.”

The fans on Saturday seemed strategically placed

“Absolutely want to see 90,000 in The Swamp. There were. … I don’t think the section behind our bench, I didn’t see an empty seat,” Mullen said. “It was packed. The student section, there must have been 50,000 behind our bench going crazy. Hopefully, that creates a home-field advantage for us next week because now we passed a law in our state that we can do that. We want our students out there cheering us on to give us that home-field advantage.”

I dunno.  That seems awfully risky to me.  Does Florida really want to expose that many people to the effects of third-and-Grantham?


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