Georgia’s defense as an oxymoron

Damn, I love this quote.

But Georgia has a wonderful team defense, which elicited this gem from an opposing coach earlier in the week.

“They don’t give up free-access throws, so you have to work for everything,” the coach said. “When they blitz you, they don’t ever truly blitz you. Like on base downs, they pop one dude. They are ultra aggressive without taking risks – they move a bunch in the front, twist guys and do single-backer blitzes. They never sell the house.

“All they have to do is win one time and you are second-and-14, that’s the style that they play. And they have really good players. So what stands out is that they are aggressive without taking risks. I know, that sounds like jumbo shrimp.”

I think jumbo shrimp are delicious.


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25 responses to “Georgia’s defense as an oxymoron

  1. mwodieseldawg

    I was at my niece’s wedding all weekend in Chickamauga and did not get to see the game. The internet service there is nonexistent so I was not able to see any of the game. Gonna watch it tonight on dvr. I kept sneaking out to the car to get updates on sirius. The only drawback was it was the broadcast team for UT. They were cryibg the blues about officiating.


    • munsonlarryfkajim

      You clearly love your extended family more than I do mine. A wedding on a fall Saturday and in a location with poor cell service to boot? Screw that

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    • You couldn’t get WSB or Georgia network affiliate out of Dalton up there rather than listening on satellite? I’m surprised there wasn’t a Georgia radio feed on one of the SXM channels.


    • Down Island Way

      Musta’ been the ghosts from the civil war era…


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      Your niece should be drummed out of the family for holding a fall wedding.

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      • Fall weddings aren’t the problem … fall weddings on Georgia football weekends are a problem. We got married in November almost 28 years ago, and we had the foresight to plan everything for the former open date between the Cocktail Party and Auburn.


      • mwodieseldawg

        The only saving grace is that her husband and his family are from Dade county and are all yuge UT fans. I kept seeing them talk and then frown as they were updating each other with the score.


      • Russ

        Yeah, never understood a fall wedding if you’re a football fan. There are like 12 weekends that have college football. That leaves 40 more for scheduling a wedding. We got married in the summer. I can afford to miss a baseball game or three when there are 162 of them.

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  2. mwodieseldawg



  3. Salty Dawg

    I loves me some jumbo shrimp! Bring on the cocktail sauce!

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  4. Granthams Replacement

    There are no holes in the defense. The front 7 rotate to keep everyone fresh with zero talent dropoff. They play like a boa constrictor, squeezing the offense until it chokes.

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  5. 79dawg

    Don’t serve me prawns and call it “jumbo shrimp”!


  6. 86bone

    Give me a dozen steamed please with a cool water sandwich…Man this season has already been fun!


  7. If I were Pat McAffee, I would bang my oversized hammer and say “Jumbo Shrimp for the Lexicon!”


  8. ugafidelis

    According to The First Team, Clemson has the best defense, and maybe ours is ok.


  9. KornDawg

    I don’t eat seafood, but damnit I’ll start!


  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Mmmmm… shrimp.


  11. classiccitycanine

    For years they have been talking about increasing Havoc rates. This year they have finally done it and the amazing thing is they haven’t given up anything to get it.


  12. dawgtired7

    So this was something I noticed. For four years we claimed that Kirby ran a ‘containment’ defense. We stunted the front four but rarely brought pressure through extra bodies on blitzes. Kirby didn’t like the risk of big plays when pressing the QB.
    This year, we are witnessing extra bodies often. I wondered if Kirby had decided the desire for added havoc, was worth the risk. Well apparently he has found a way to bring the bodies, wreak havoc and still lesson the risk of getting burned.
    I’m not sure exactly how the scheme works but I like it.


    • We start bringing people in definite passing situations and after we’ve made teams one-dimensional either by limiting the run game or the scoreboard. Even then, we aren’t selling out to bring the house (cough, cough … 3rd and Grantham … cough, cough). We bring in Anderson and Smith as hybrid pass rusher/outside LBs. We send the star or a corner one time and an inside LB the next. Once in a while, we bring the star and an inside LB.

      It seemed to the untrained eye that we played a lot of zone behind many of our blitz packages in the 2nd half after giving up the 2 long passes. It seemed we were saying you aren’t going to throw the ball down the field. You can throw hot underneath, and we’re going to clean anything up in those cases.


      • And the d-line plays incredibly smart. QB calls an audible? They’ll shift to the direction they wanted the play to go, or fake that, and shift after the snap to eat it alive.


    • HirsuteDawg

      It DOES help that we send defensive players that have a high chance of disrupting the play – our rushers’ sheer physical abilities are just overwhelming the offensive front. We are outmanning them without selling out.


  13. We dominated AU’s OL with 4 guys most of the night, which allowed the entire D to dominate. UT’s OL was a little more challenging but we still didn’t take any risks until the 2nd half and even those weren’t sellout plays.

    Imo, this defense is all about Jordan Davis. He gets lost in the fray but the dude literally commands the entire interior OL by himself. Monty Rice made that short yardage stop in the 2nd half where he stuffed the lead blocker(TE at H-back) and then got the RB but Davis had the guard and center in the backfield while also getting a 3rd chip block. David is at times so dominant now that he’s forcing blocking schemes to leave the athletic DL like Travon Walker, Malik Herring and Jalen Carter in 1v1 which is sometimes a death sentence. If you don’t really pay a lot of attention to the interior, I suggest focusing him a few times throughout games. It’s really something!


  14. practicaldawg

    I’ll take one jumbo shrimp package to go (to Tuscaloosa).


  15. Davis obviously took Kirby’s coaching well, too, because he’s completely remade his physique and that’s what Kirby has been on him about since signing him.