The SEC’s first COVID hit

After last weekend, I’m not surprised to see this.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Welp guys… if Brett McMurphy is to be believed, Third and Grantham is no more.

    Makes the game against the ‘turds in Jacksonville slightly less of a sure thing, don’t y’all think?


  2. Russ

    I’ve been wondering when the big COVID shos would drop. Lots of teams have had double digit players out for games so seeing this isn’t a surprise. I hope our luck holds out.



    I thought 53 was the limit…


  4. The Truth

    Am I the only one surprised that Vandy would be the first SEC school to deal with a big hit? I’m truly sorry they’re having to deal with this, but don’t you sometimes get the feeling from them that they’re a little above the rest of the SEC’s unwashed masses? Maybe my surprise is some sort of Freudian slip.

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    • jdawg108



    • DaveinAZ

      My son is at Vandy so i asked him since they are reporting very few cases in the general student population. He said the athletes at Vandy are testing positive at a much higher rate because they are the ones out partying. Why? And I quote…”Because they are the only students that are not massive nerds!

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  5. jdawg108

    Not surprising, but what’d be the odds it’d be Vanderbilt.


  6. rigger92

    This is my greatest fear. Now that the season is rolling and it is absolutely fantastic, it could be ripped away from us in an instant. I hope we can see the Alabama game and things hold out until we get to whup FL. Anything after that is gravy to me. Honestly, and I do not want the players to have to deal with quarantine/virus/unknowns, I would just hope that we get the FL game. The hard work, heart, athleticism, pride that they display each week is so much fun to watch. I know that it is technically a job while they are in school, something changes when they do it in the no fun league. I just cannot enjoy it the same way. That’s the golden goose I suppose, harness both of those and it’s world domination.

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  7. TripleB

    If I understood this kid from a Vandy student paper on Finebaum, they had several more players test positive that played in the South Carolina game. Hope the SC kids didn’t get it during the game.


  8. stoopnagle

    So, Missouri now gets two weeks to prep for Florida who plays… checking notes… LSU.