“We’re going to have re-evaluate a lot of things defensively.”

As metaphors go, this is pretty perfect.



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23 responses to ““We’re going to have re-evaluate a lot of things defensively.”

  1. Biggen

    You are who you are at this point. UF is Trask to Pitts right now with zero defense. If they can’t score every possession then they have a problem.

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  2. 86bone

    Grantham is hanging on by a thread. When he gets relieved of his duties you may never see him on the sidelines again


    • W Cobb Dawg

      No, he deserves another raise.😏

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    • charlottedawg

      He’s 1) the greatest defensive coordinator ever and 2) needs to be on georgia’s payroll, bigly.

      1) he might not be the best at recruiting, or teaching, or scheming but his ability to negotiate a raise from HCs and ADs is unparalleled

      2) georgia needs to pay the man, big time. A)offer to fund whatever and I mean whatever to takes to keep him as florida’s defensive coordinator, that guy is our WLOCP MVP long after he stopped roaming our sidelines B) related to #2 guy needs an adjunct faculty role at Terry college of business to teach a semester long class on salary negotiation (actual results achieved be damned) see #1.

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    • 79dawg

      Did he rent in Gainvesville too, just like he’s done everywhere else?


    • I’ve seen some jorts-wearers clamoring for Dan Quinn, which I don’t think would be an improvement for them, but I won’t tell them.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        If God has stopped hating the Dawgs and has any love in His heart for us, He will allow Dan Quinn to become the next Floriduh DC.


  3. Spell Dawg

    Hey, everybody can have an off day. Grantham is one of the best DCs in the business, that’s why you pay him the big bucks. Stand by your man, Dan. https://media.giphy.com/media/SsrqSxa6HQ84b3GDjH/giphy.gif

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    • JaxDawg

      That’s a great point. Who are we, as casual observers, to question a DC hired by one the best coaches to ever grace the sidelines? I feel like Mullen has a great staff and they’re on the verge of taking over the SEC; just ask any sports writer.

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Please, does anyone have a gif of Sideshow Dan the Clown falling out of his chair???

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  5. Randy Adams

    I wonder if Mullen knows Cade’s dad? He could give him pointers (couldn’t resist) on how to put together a BS lawsuit against a University over a folding chair).

    Then again, maybe he should sue his DC for breach of contract.

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    • Dave Larimer

      Or, rather than suing for breach of contract, how about loss of consortium. I just couldn’t resist…………..


  6. practicaldawg

    Would love to see a video of the chair falling


  7. KornDawg

    Was it a metal, STEEL chair with about a five-inch cushion?

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  8. akascuba

    If your looking for more Agent Grantham good times visit your local Florida message boards. They may have been slow to the Mullen is not recruiting near as good as Kirby and Grantham is the worst DC still working party. They are getting there now. Sure sounds familiar for some reason.


  9. 69Dawg

    Grantham had better hurry with his job search but if LSU comes a calling who could resist. Out of work former Gator DC is ready, willing and somewhat able.


  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    Awaiting Mullen’s kiss of death quote: “We still have all our goals in front of us.”