“The results shouldn’t be too jarring.”

Simply saying “Alabama has a more explosive offense but Georgia dominates the defense” doesn’t really do justice to how the early stats break down for both teams.  Take a look.

Which does a better job on the imposing its will front Saturday night?


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14 responses to ““The results shouldn’t be too jarring.”

  1. Down Island Way

    Field position early, impose your will late in the game, the bammers are the one team that will match UGA at the point of attack (LOS)…crootin’ depth may as well be the determining factor and not the staff, so to speak…


  2. akascuba

    As always turn overs, explosive plays, field position and who in the second half can impose their will on the other team at the line of scrimmage. Now that Ive covered Mr. Barnharts pregame analysis.

    I expect 7/8 in the box against our offense with lots of man coverage. The last year its game over with that formula. I expect Monken to counter with quick passes where the line backers were on play action along with deep shots down the middle of the field. On defense buckle up and understand they will hit some deep shots. We need a couple of 50/50 balls to drop our way. Make Bama drive the length of the field to score. Special teams should be an advantage for us. i love that we no longer let punts roll an extra 20 yards almost every kick when receiving kicks.

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  3. Of course the spotlight is on our D vs their O but our offense will decide if this game is another 2019 SECC or a high quality game. The disparity in those offensive stats is even scarier when considering that our offense has been kinda bad for a third of this young season. It didn’t just struggle but made mistakes that will likely doom is if they’re made Saturday. The good news is that Kirby has done a pretty good job of having this program ready for the biggest moments and stages.

    I really expect a no quarter given game decided by turnovers and execution. Speaking of quarters- I’m sure Bama will defer after we lose the coin toss for the millionth time.

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  4. ASEF

    Kirby is excellent at dissecting a QB’s preferences and taking that away. Sarkisian can get stubborn in his play calling, repping a play that on paper should be working but isn’t.

    I expect that to be the difference in that match up.

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  5. Salty Dawg

    Ima gonna stick my toe in the water and say that Dawgs get this done. This Bama team has penetrable cracks in it and Dawgs will bust them wide open. However, doing that twice? We will see…

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  6. spur21

    Gonna possibly be the game of the year. Two talent rich teams – two excellent coaching staffs.


  7. TripleB

    Those stats are incredible. It really is offense v. defense. However, we learned last year that “defense wins championships”—unless you’r offense sucks! We have to score, probably a lot. We have to have drives. I like our offensive scheme better this year, just hope the O-line can play better, and Bennett can continue to rise to the moment.


  8. charlottedawg

    20 yard plays; georgia at #10 with 13, ooof. That’s a lingering issue from last year and it’s concerning.


  9. Tim Edwards

    To me this game shapes up like the 2019 SEC Championship game. Best O versus Best D. Historically, defense wins championships. Currently, offense wins championships by outlasting the defense. The main thing is this game is a software game. The goal is to get to the SECCG and play for hardware. That game just means more.


  10. Russ

    I don’t think our offense is ready to win this game. Our defense will slow Bama significantly, but I can’t see us sustaining drives against them yet. But that’s okay. Play this one close and shoot for Dec 19 when we hammer them. I expect our offense to be humming by then and the Deathstar will be complete.


    • rigger92

      This is where I’m at. I think our O side of the ball is very good, not trying to be critical of them. I just believe that our team will look different, in a good way, at the end of the season. I also would still worry about FL. I think their loss was partly due to them having their heads in the locker room in the 4th quarter with a sure thing win. They’re still a pretty good team if they get the mentality right.


  11. 123 Fake St

    If The Mailman has three or more batted down passes, we lose.


  12. psyopdawg

    If we’re down by more than 7-10 points at half we might be screwed with Bama at home.


  13. jgssgj

    RTDB. Dawgs’ OL wins or loses this game. Luke had better have those boys ready to play.