Today, in irony isn’t dead

Dan Mullen wanted a fully packed stadium this week.

He might want to focus on being able to field a team first.


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29 responses to “Today, in irony isn’t dead

  1. munsonlarryfkajim

    I’m going to refrain from commenting on this lest the Kharmic Bitches look toward athens

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    • dawg100

      Must be sone Karma coming back on those guys, because they have been plagued by oddities in scheduling. Hurricanes specialize in wreaking havoc with them.


  2. debbybalcer

    Both UF and LSU might want another week to prep for the game.

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  3. I imagine Dopey and Tras[h] are freaking out if Kyle Pitts is one of those testing positive.


  4. jdawg108

    Probably the least virulent thing to catch in Gainesville.

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  5. This game gonna be cancelled. How convient


  6. akascuba

    Don’t want to wish sickness on anyone. I’m hoping Mullen gets the opportunity to play and lose Saturday. Mullen becomes known as the Karma Master.

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  7. stoopnagle

    If they got 53 they can play.

    Missouri’s game getting postponed and giving them an extra week to prep for the Gators has nothing to do with it. No sir-ree.

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  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ruh Roh. The Ole No. 19 Special is coming round the bend and headed our way.


  9. Derek

    UF does have an open week coming up….

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  10. Pack the Swamp. Clowns. That entire gd state.

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  11. C.L. Leigh

    Obviously they were out celebrating their loss.

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  12. rigger92

    Any word from TAMU? I really hope FL didnt pick it up fri or sat down there.



    Swamp is another word for a gators ass, makes sense that they want it packed…

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  14. CB

    Odds the test results are acknowledged if Florida didn’t just lose to A&M?


  15. Well. We know how to hunker down. Others, not so much.