All the makings of a classic



Leave the damned bottle on the bar.


UPDATE:  And there it is.

First open date for both teams to make the game up is December 12.


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  1. Randy Adams

    They are not playing this week. It’s the perfect excuse. LSU doesn’t want to play. Gives them another week to improve the defense. UF doesn’t want to play because of the number of players out.

    Here’s a thought. Mullen have a scrimmage with all of the young players to figure out who can help improve the team ‘right now’… (Still can’t get over that).

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      Imagine if they move this game to December 12th and by that time the LSU defense is playing much better, but Floriduh’s defense is still the mess I expect it to be?

      Chalk up another big game loss for MuLLLen, by that time, MuLLLLen.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Senator, what’s your read on Coach O? Is he Chizik 2.0?

    He has a lot of friendly national media types running a ton of interference for him on that very topic, but that rush to protect the jolly, fun-loving Cajun seems like there may actually be something there.

    Or maybe Coach O is a better analogue for a Mark Richt-type CEO who just made far better coordinator choices than Mark Richt ever did for one season, and it allowed him to win the National Title that always escaped Coach Richt’s grasp?

    I mean, Coach O ain’t Saban or Dabo or Day or Kirby, that’s for sure.


    • He got some good wins against everyone outside of Bama prior to last year (including the game Kirby really should’ve benched Fromm for Fields, if only to try and spark something on offense). Chizick didn’t really do much outside of 2010, and really did nothing outside of having Gus as OC. O moved from Matt Canada rapidly. He should do the same with Pelini but we’ll see. If not, Aranda might be his Gus.


      • TEXBaller

        Ed was 10-25 at Ole Miss. His offense and defense were pathetic. Hired and fired assistant coaches until he was fired. He caught lightning in a bottle last year. That’s it. Pretty simple. At least Chizik followed up a NC with 8-5…..looking like 5-5 down on the bayou!


  3. I dont think they are playing. Surprised it hasnt been pulled yet. They got about 24 more hours.


  4. The update on that Athletic story: two Florida assistants tested positive too.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Art? Yeah Art. You know Art. The guy with no arms or legs who hangs on your wall.

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  6. David D

    I went to see a demolition derby once, and a LSU-Florida game broke out.

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  7. stoopnagle

    Mullen’s wife is a super spreader, then, eh?

    Max Johnson is Brad Johnson’s son (and Mark Richt’s nephew) who played at Oconee County.

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  8. The Truth

    When the SEC decided to play ball this fall and came out with the minimum number (53) and the minimums per position group, were they not committing to playing if you could reach those minimums? Was there room for, “Yeah, we’re over the minimums, but our QB is banged up and some of the guys out with COVID are our stars”?

    It seems when we said “Let’s play,” then everybody should have understood that within the established guidelines and protocol there was the chance you’d have to play a game under less than ideal conditions. Otherwise, we should have said, “Let’s not play.”

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    • Biggen

      I’d like to know this answer as well. Are they compelled to play if over the minimum scholarship requirements (53)? If one of the sides chooses not to play, do they get a forfeit?

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    • Russ

      Yeah, that was my take as well. I mean, they aren’t even counting this season for eligibility. If you have 53 and each position group meets the minimum number, suit up and play. This game was going to be a shit show without anyone missing. How much worse can their defenses play?

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  9. I was shocked at an over/under of 73 before this news


  10. PTC DAWG

    Play or forfeit…SEC says you need 53 and at least one of a few players, QB, etc….


  11. I’m not even gonna talk any kind of trash. Like Kirby said- we’re one day, one test, one outbreak away.

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  12. charlottedawg

    This game needs to be postponed, week of the SECCG is open for both teams and we know both will be available. Hey-oh!!!


  13. legatedawg

    Some reporter in Gainesville just tweeted that an announcement will be made shortly that it is being postponed.


  14. There is absolutely no valid reason not to play.


  15. 69Dawg

    You know that with contact tracing UF can quarantine the whole team, so once it got to critical mass it was over.


  16. We should separate our defense into pods of three, one for each level of the defense. They should be wrapped in hermetically sealed bubble wrap with feeding tubes and water. These pods should be equipped with the electrical current that stimulates muscle growth. During day light hours, the players should be exposed to VR-film review, set to various tracks by Rage (Bulls on Parade?), Metallica, and whatever hype songs the kids listen to these days. That way we don’t get decimated at any one position in the case of an outbreak. Oh and I guess a class or to, just to keep them honest.

    SBIV should be kept in a completely sanitary zero sensory environment and injected with the stuff they used to make Captain America.

    During sleep hours, all players should first be put to sleep, and only have quiet, soothing replays of great Munson calls, with brief interludes of the trumpet solo piped into their hermetically sealed environments. Every morning at 5:30 AM a horrific alarm should go off and a huge inflatable plastic doll with Saban’s face should attack them while they are still in a dead sleep, while their pod fills with water until they have destroyed the Saban doll, at which point the pod drains and Lawrence Fishborne hugs them like a loving father and mentor while the theme from Rocky plays and Kirby Smart dances like his life depends on it.

    God why am I not a coach!!!! I got this!!!


  17. The Truth

    Saban’s got COVID.


    • drunkenmonken

      Saban knew his record against former assistants was gonna end Saturday. He intentionally got exposed so he can claim he didn’t coach the game so his record is intact.


  18. Doggoned

    That’s so Georgia. We get to beat them without Saban. He still will never have lost to one of his former assistants. But I sure as hell want to go ahead and beat Bama regardless. Don’t want contact tracing to kick in and somehow postpone this game.


  19. Postpone until the week before SECCG. Both teams undefeated going in. Sankey decides that since both teams are already playing the following week in Atlanta, it’s best to cancel so both teams show up covid free for SECCG. 2 undefeated square of for all the marbles.