“Georgia has really good special teams,” Saban said.

The Roll ‘Bama Roll assessment in the previous post neglected to mention one area.  It’s an area coached by Scott Cochran, so maybe they simply haven’t figured out a snark-free way to approach the subject.  It’s hard to be sarcastic about the job Cochran’s done so far.

Well, Georgia is ranked No. 3 nationally in special teams efficiency by the ESPN Power Index.

The Bulldogs lead the nation in net punting (47.7), are first in the SEC in kickoff returns (42.8) They are one of just two SEC teams to have blocked a punt and haven’t allowed a single punt to be returned.

Jake Camarda leads the nation in punting average at 51.0 yards. Walk-on kicker Jack Podlesny is second in the SEC in field goal percentage after converting on 7 of 8 attempts.

Kenny McIntosh is third in the nation in kickoff returns, and Kearis Jackson is second in the SEC in punt returns.

Alabama is 24th in special teams efficiency, so it’s no slouch, either.  But it’s not as good as Georgia.


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12 responses to ““Georgia has really good special teams,” Saban said.

  1. Greg

    A BIG part in a championship run, special teams. Hope it holds up, gotta feeling it will.

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  2. Russ

    Yep, this one is big, and I’d love it if this was the key to us winning the game. Just one more FU to those clowns at RBR.


  3. Saban gonna mention our deadly long snappa?


  4. Down Island Way

    I know dawg porn when i read it…that is Special Dawg porn…


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I love watching Kenny McIntosh. He may never take one back to the house, but he makes really sound decisions. He doesn’t run them out unless he can see a crack to run through, and if he does see a crack, he is going straight for the goal line as far as he can get. To me, this cuts down on the typical kickoff return penalty: the block in the back. The guys that reverse direction in hopes of out juking everyone cause problems for blockers, imo.

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  6. Get JP a scholly, stat.


  7. I love the “but it’s not as good as Georgia” because the Gumps really love to point out when they’re better in any kind of ranking or statistical category imaginable.


  8. It really wouldn’t surprise me if ST is difference Saturday.


  9. I watched Saban’s presser from yesterday. Um. He was asked to compare Bama and Georgia defenses and he basically said:

    1) Georgia has more talent
    2) Georgia’s talent is executing better
    3) Georgia’s coaches are able to ask their defensive players to do more (as in more innovative things) because they’re more experienced.

    Holy moly.


    • I mean Monday’s presser. Cue it up to 7:15:

      Saban: “There are some similarities, but they’ve sort of progressed in what they do relative to the players they have. And I think they do it really, really well. They’ve got some new things and different things they do, which is what we’re all trying to be able to grow and develop in. I think they have a veteran team. So when you have a veteran team on defense I think you can do a little more. And I think they’ve taken good advantage of having good players who have experience, and those guys execute those things extremely well.”


    • Jared, do not eat that rat poison. We must stay focused on doing our jobs!

      (Our job is to eat food, drink drinks, and scream things at the TV that frighten the children and the dog and get us banished to the basement for the second half.)


      • Part of our preparation, in other words, is stocking the mini-fridge in the basement with more food and drinks. Sound-proofing isn’t a bad idea, depending on your budget and your wife’s tolerance level.

        If you don’t walk into your back yard at some point and scream things into the night sky that make all the neighbor’s dogs bark, you might want to ask yourself if you have “bought in.”