Stetson Bennett and a tale of two halves

Three weeks in, PFF ranks Georgia’s quarterback seventh overall in the conference, but it’s the breakdown that’s interesting.

In the first halves of Georgia’s three games, Bennett has posted a 56.5 passing grade, the worst in the SEC. In the second halves, Bennett has posted a 90.9 passing grade, the best in the SEC.

Georgia’s been a second half team for the most part so far.  We’ve chalked a lot of that up to defensive adjustments, but it looks like Bennett plays a role in that, too.  Can Monken coach him up more out of the gate?


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14 responses to “Stetson Bennett and a tale of two halves

  1. Greg

    More on the OL in the first halves imo…..there have been a ton of mistakes. Let’s hope they start well this Saturday, gonna take a full 60 minutes of focus.


  2. His inability to throw any kind of over the top deep ball is going to become problematic eventually. But as you pointed out yesterday – there are guys open all over the field. Maybe that’s something we can get by without.

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  3. I would say that’s accurate in the Arkansas and Tennessee games, but opposite in the Auburn game. Factually, though, the first half of Arkansas was a small sample size, and the first portion of Tennessee was wretched because we couldn’t get out of our own way…but like you said, we still scored 17 and almost 24 and it could’ve been worse had we not had the miscues…imagine if we fired on all cylinder for four quarters. In all the prognosticating, I don’t think the Bama beat writers have imagined what would happen if Georgia played four competent quarters of offense, since it hasn’t happened recently against the Tide.

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  4. This is my biggest fear for Saturday. We cannot have a first half like we had against Arkansas and the Vols. Bama has the guns to capitalize quickly, and if we fall behind by 14 or more, we’re in big trouble. Trying to outscore the best offense in the country is gonna be hard enough. We can’t give them a head start.

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    • Skeptic Dawg

      Rev, I share the same fear. Our defense will give us a punchers chance in every game, I am almost certain of this. I do not see Alabama putting up 63 vs our defense, but they will certainly rake up touchdowns. The question then becomes can our offense keep pace…whatever that pace may be. I fear that our still developing offense will have a misstep or three that will eventually lead to our downfall.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    So if we keep it close until halftime, our chances look good if not great.


  6. Muttley

    If it has to be one or the other, I’ll take the guy who finishes strong.


  7. bucketheridge

    He looks like he comes out of the gate overly hyped up. He’s made a few overthrows early in games before settling down and playing his game. That should get better with time.


  8. My concerns are that he’s seemingly oblivious to being inches from getting earholed a few times and some of his deep balls have really been floaters. Bama has traditionally been the last defense you want to do either of those with. Mentally, he seems about as good as you’ll find.


  9. cowetadawg

    More Jalen Carter on O!
    I’m not fully serious about that, but just having him in there would make Saban account for him and maybe adjust. Throw off the D’s groove. Regardless his role in the play, he’s more than able to move people around while he’s there.


  10. 69Dawg

    If SBIV can survive the Alabama D, physically, he will be ok the rest of the way. If they knock him out we are screwed unless Daniels can do his thing.