A most fastidious coach

Kirby Smart, in discussing up-tempo offense, sounds like he’s channeling his inner Miss Manners.

“You create sloppy play when you go (up) tempo. That’s no offense to Ole Miss and that’s no offense to Alabama. I see it with us. Somebody goes tempo, it gets really sloppy. At times, offensively, we’ve gone tempo, and it gets really sloppy. I think you just have to be aware that that can happen.”  [Emphasis added.]

A quote like that really makes you understand why they wouldn’t let Fromm run more up-tempo stuff last year, even though he was clearly more comfortable doing so.  Such is life with a neat freak.


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  1. jeff88keys

    And Jake might be here if he had run more up tempo. He excelled in that set and the team, to my memory, did really well when we used it.

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  2. GruvenDawg

    Well if it makes the other team sloppy and based on last weeks results it looks like tempo vs Bama is a equalizer on O. If it’s in the arsenal and you know it works then use it. They couldn’t even get lined up. Try it the third series if it works use it again.

    To beat Bama I think you use everything in your playbook and anything else we can do on offense to get scores because on D they can hold down the fort and rotate depth. Kirby just needs to quit being a conservative perfectionist and let Monken game plan and call the game as he sees it. Hopefully Kirby let Monken practice a lot of tempo this week so if Monken feels comfortable enough to use it in the game he uses it.

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    • drunkenmonken

      That was a big part of UGA losing to LSU in the seccg last year. On offense they didn’t sub and used tempo so UGA couldn’t sub.

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      • Russ

        I’m not sure it was tempo so much as they didn’t sub and went straight to the line. That forces the defense to be ready, whether they want to or not. Kirby mentioned how much it disrupted his defense, since it’s based on rotating players. I could see us doing that to Bama this weekend and it shouldn’t lead to “sloppy offense”.

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        • I saw a mix of that, and also a TE and RB who were comfortable in traditional 11 spots, but could also flex out wide or the slot (or one of each) before the snap. So you had no substitutions, plus occasional tempo, mixed with pre-snap motion/formation shifts. Copying the place is nice, but few teams had the personnel to pull of that 3-part offense.

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  3. spur21

    I’ll take “sloppy” for the win.

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    He doesn’t get it. I wonder if he ever will.

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  5. Skeptic Dawg

    So my take away from Kirby’s statement is that we were using tempo, playing fast, in the first half vs Arkansas and during the first half against Tennessee. Sure, I’ll buy that for a dollar.


  6. classiccitycanine

    That’s why teams that want to use tempo practice it. Tempo doesn’t make an offense sloppy. Poor execution makes an offense sloppy. The whole reason teams use tempo is to make defenses play sloppy. Can’t believe Kirby doesn’t get this.

    Kirby is one of the youngest coaches at a major program and yet he wants to play the game as if it’s still the 1980’s.

    I can’t wait to watch us throw away talent and championship opportunities because Kirby can’t adapt from his early Bama roots. It ain’t 3 yards and a cloud of dust anymore. You have to play with an aggressive mindset now.

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