Moar and moar gappin’

Hey, remember just a few months ago, when Florida and Tennessee fans were chirping about how their programs were flat-out dominating 2021 recruiting?

Good times.

Screenshot_2020-10-15 2021 SEC Football Team Rankings(1)


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7 responses to “Moar and moar gappin’

  1. Biggen

    The number of recruits is the kicker. We (and Clemson) are killing it with nearly 10 less recruits than UT or UF. We will have the #1 or #2 class again this year with ease.

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  2. Randy Adams

    Exactly. This is figured on the # of commitments times the commitments 247 rating and that’s how the team rankings are figured. UT has 25 commitments. UF has 24. They both could very well have Top 10 teams, but it looks like Georgia is heading back towards another Top 3 class; Top 5 for sure. And kee in mind that there is a much bigger Gap in those Top 3 or 4 Classes verses the rest of the Top 10 than there is say #9 and #15. This explains the rise of Georgia more than anything else. Kirby’s first class that he inherited from CMR was #6. He hasn’t finished below 3 since, with 2 of those classes being #1. Get the QB thing fixed and Georgia will win a Natty – likely 2 or 3. Remains to be seen if Stetson is that guy. But will say he reminds me more and more of Doug Flutie by. the week.

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  3. Down Island Way

    It may take CKS 5-8 years to get on a equal crootin’ level with the bammers…sending more to the next level is a key point and we will see that next year with the UGA “D”…Mr. Thomas is a huge crootin’ tool….FU and ut are in the rear view…


  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I keep trying to tell these dummies how it works, that the only reason they were above us because they maxed out or almost maxed out their verbal commits full of 3-stars and low 4-stars, that they should look at the average player ranking which for them sits below 90 which is, for the SEC, mediocre.

    They wouldn’t listen. Now comes the fun part where Kirby closes another top-3 class and they find themselves outside of the top-10 because now Mack Brown has come along to push out them both.


  5. redhotchilidawg

    Our 16 recruits have more points than UF and UTs 24/25. 13 3 stars for UT is not going to cut it. 5 star hearts though.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Yep. Definitely don’t want to have double digit 3-stars. That’s fine for schools like gtu, vandy, etc., but its a killer for top programs.

      When Kirby decides to take a 3-star, my first reaction is that the kid is probably underrated – based upon players like Kindley, Marshall, Rice, Stokes, etc. It’s a calculated decision. He’s not just filling up a class.


  6. Bay Area Dawg

    I always tell all my UT and UF friends to look at the AVG. Georgia’s AVG is always close to Bama, OSU and Clemson. Over the past few seasons no other team is really close to those 4 when it comes to AVG.