The NCAA, making changes

The NCAA’s Division I Council has been a busy beaver this week.  Here’s what the members voted on:

  • All winter athletes in NCAA Division I sports will be given an additional year of eligibility.
  • All football programs will be allowed to compete in bowl games — regardless of their records.
  • “The council intends to propose new rules that would dictate how athletes can make money from their names, images and likenesses and a new rule that would allow all athletes to transfer one time without having to sit out a season.”

That’s an ambitious agenda.  Some of that has fairly significant lasting impact on college athletics.  For an outfit that has trouble walking and chewing gum at times, you can’t help but wonder how smooth the sailing for all that will be.


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7 responses to “The NCAA, making changes

  1. kingcmo2000

    Senator, doesn’t the extra year of eligibility mean Stetson Bennett can come back next year? Stetson Bennett V? Probably getting ahead of myself but if Uga has a lot of success with him this year, why not?


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Bowl games regardless of records = Bowl bonuses to coaches otherwise not deserving. Jimmy Sexton is smiling.