Banged up

Oh, shit.

Georgia senior linebacker Monty Rice is expected to be a game-time decision after missing practicing repetitions with a lower leg injury.

Rice, a team captain from Huntsville, Ala., who leads the team with 18 tackles, has been in a protective walking boot this week after suffering the injury in practice, per a source with direct knowledge.

Not what you want to hear right before the biggest game of the season.  Yeah, Georgia is blessed with good depth at the position, but Rice not able to play would hurt.


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22 responses to “Banged up

  1. Depth or not, he’s a huge loss. Damnit!

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  2. charlottedawg

    Shit, there goes that strip sack the QB and scoop and score play Dan planning likes to call. Worked to perfection against UT.


  3. Not great. Rice is largely the QB of the defense (though it’s not a full analogy given the rotations, but still. This is a blow)

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  4. originaluglydawg

    May the “game time decision” be favorable to the good guys.


  5. Derek

    Tindall is ready and rested.

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  6. TEXBaller

    #25 has been killing it — let him loose!


  7. No way he’s playing if he’s in a boot today. Hell, a boot usually means a couple weeks at least.

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    • Dawg in Austin

      Actually sprained ankles are put in boots and players can play the same week. It’s 50/50 but he’d definitely be able to play next week if it’s just an ankle.


  8. My favorite player? ugh. Much needed


  9. Absolutely hate it for him if he isn’t able to play. As an Alabama high school player, I’m sure he is wanting to show Saban what he missed (BTW, I have no idea if Rice had a committable offer to Bama).


  10. stoopnagle

    Not cool. Still.


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  11. stoopnagle

    Also, Tindall looks like he really wants to play.


  12. Well it looks like he’s listed as a captain so maybe he WILL play. It’ll certainly be interesting to see if he plays and how effective he is. There is no shortage of talent behind him but it’s the possibility of not having his leadership that concerns me.


  13. rigger92

    I figured out how to post links, I put this up yesterday way late in the day. Have to do it again.


  14. Dawg in Austin

    Dean shares the load on calls and Quay and Channing are not a significant drop off in talent or experience. It’s definitely a loss but not something that should change the outcome of the game.


  15. ugafidelis

    We lose Wims in the Natty and D-Walk in the SEC title game. Sounds about par for the course. Damn.