Bombs away

Here’s a paragraph I wasn’t expecting to read in Seth Emerson’s Mailbag ($$), about Stetson Bennett’s arm strength:

For what it’s worth, one person I trust downplayed any concerns: Bennett has huge hands (as others have pointed out), he’s been clocked high on the radar gun, and his performance on third downs and downfield throws across the middle speaks for itself. The underthrown balls may have just been a case of throwing off the wrong foot while rushed. Bennett has a better arm than Jake Fromm, this person told me, and this was the same Fromm who uncorked that 80-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman in the national championship, which traveled about 60 yards in the air.  [Emphasis added.]

Let’s hope Alabama’s defense isn’t expecting that, either.


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36 responses to “Bombs away

  1. Derek

    I don’t believe it, but I’d love to be wrong.

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    • charlottedawg

      Yeah, I’m skeptical too. Stetsons missed on at least 3 sure TDs (2 to jackson, I to Pickens) where the receiver had outrun the coverage but because the ball was under thrown to the point it just kinda died mid air, said receiver had to fight back to the ball


  2. brilliant disinformation campaign. lol

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  3. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Hope George Pickens comes focused because he’s going to get more opportunities in single coverage than he’s probably seen so far.

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  4. Russ

    I’ve thought his underthrows deep were more a problem of bad timing/late release, but footwork makes sense, too. Whatever it is, his arm is strong enough. Just needs to sort out the mechanics.

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    • The Truth

      One of the things that makes him great on some passes is his willingness to hang in there and wait to make the throw. Like you said, you can’t wait as long on some of those longer routes without letting your receivers get “out of range”.

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  5. I don’t know that I believe that, though I didn’t think Fromm’s arm was any great shakes.

    A lot of Bennett’s deep ball issues could be solved by better timing. He seems to be throwing a beat too late.

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  6. Gaskilldawg

    Jim Donnan on the Ugasports podcast is insistent that Bennett’s arm strength is excellent.

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  7. akascuba

    He probably has less reps with the # 1 receiver group then any other starter in the SEC. Assuming he stays healthy. I see him getting more in sync with the WR`s as the season continues. Tomorrow would certainly be a great day for a break out game. His arm strength is certainly good enough. I expect Bama to make him prove it too.

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    • Russ

      This isn’t mentioned enough. He didn’t start getting serious reps with the one’s until AFTER Arkansas. He’s still a work in progress in some respects in this Monken offense. Heck, Monken told him in August he wasn’t the guy, so why would Monken focus anything on him until he had to?

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    • this is excellent. And monken folds in more and more each week.


    • originaluglydawg

      Yes..and a fact being overlooked by critics that think he should just come in after being buried on the depth chart..and have the timing down perfectly. Burn Bama on one deep ball and it changes a lot of things.

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  8. Greg

    Really don’t care how big he is, how strong his arm is, how fast or if he has NFL potential. Just get the ball to the playmakers, lead and most importantly..WIN!. Belue never impressed me either, but he did lead and won….that was enough.

    Like Buck, he has the cast, seemingly the team chemistry, respect and leadership to get the job done imo.

    Yeah, I know….no Herschel, but this team is more talented FWIS.

    Nonetheless, what the person said about Stetson seems plausible….I guess we will find out more soon enough.

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  9. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    “Bennett has huge hands”

    Me too

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  10. The thing I love about him is getting the ball out fast.

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  11. PTC DAWG

    Some of y’all still doubting the Mailman…shame.

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  12. If Coach Taylor could win with Matt Saracen, then we can definitely win with Bennett.

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  13. stoopnagle


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  14. TBH, I was wary of his arm strength after seeing his limited action last year and his pick, but I’ve been really impressed with how quick his delivery is and the zip on the ball…really noticed it in that Arky game, as I was expecting it to be poor. My biggest concern for him is finding throwing lanes over the line when we face these big boy teams, but I really like how he throws on the run and with his mobility, you can open up lanes for him. While I think hand size overall is overblown, what I think it mostly means is a more consistent strong grip on the ball (regardless of conditions) and, therefore, tight spiral on a more regular basis and more control on passes (especially on bad snaps or when rushed). Hearing sources that should know indicate his top end arm strength for the deep ball is legit is great to hear.


    • biggusrickus

      They’ve already played Auburn and Tennessee. They aren’t elite defenses (neither is anyone else in the SEC but Georgia it seems), but they have size in the middle.


      • A few batted balls, especially in the UT game, but overall I’m not super concerned about it (geez, Kyler Murray, who looks all of 5’9″ seems fine in the NFL!)…just saying that’s my only real concern at this point. Love the kid…hope he continues to progress and takes us all the way.


  15. TripleB

    We learn a little more about Stetson each week, maybe his deep throw ability is what we learn this week! That would be a big surprise, and it could really deflate the DBs at Bama who are looking to reassert themselves.


    • Down Island Way

      Deep throws are never to the guy running some form of a route down field, it’s the throw that the receiver runs to during that route…No. 1 can pretty much out run most of his defenders, throws need to lead him open….

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  16. When was the last time the deep ball was a decent part of UGA’s offense? I’m thinking Murray. Eason could have been there but didn’t connect much his one year, and no one else post-Murray had the arm for it really.

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