Grain of salt time

It’s a largely complimentary post about Georgia’s defense, so I don’t really want to dump all over it, but it’s worth noting a flaw in bloggers of one school offering their in-depth analysis of the opponent of the week.  Here’s what this Roll ‘Bama Roll breakdown had to say about one unit group’s performance in the Tennessee game:

Against Tennessee, the ILBs were primarily Quay Walker and Nakobe Dean, both high profile recruiting battles won by Georgia over Alabama. Others will rotate as well, but this is a deep and athletic group.

“Primarily”?  How do you neglect to mention Monty Rice there?  He had a monster game, capped by a strip sack and score.

Again, the point here isn’t to get all snarky about this.  Just bear in mind that most folks writing about their school’s opponent of the week often don’t know as much as they project.  And, yes, I include myself in that observation.  (Which is why I tend to limit myself to the obvious when I do step out like that.)


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8 responses to “Grain of salt time

  1. Anon

    And didn’t Rice graduate from a AL high school? Could be mistaken.


    • He did, yes, but I think the story this guy might have been trying to go for would have fallen apart with listing Rice. After all, Rice’s second school was LSU, not Bama. You may recall that Rice committed to LSU, then decommitted and committed to us.

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  2. Down Island Way

    When Capt. Tony of the S.S. Obvious has his ever expanding mind probe working combined with his “master of the college football universe” thought process…all others must take a knee during his observations….


  3. Makes his Bednarik player of the week award even more impressive, since apparently he barely saw the field.

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  4. Randy Adams

    I haven’t done it, but suspect that if you googled the word arrogance and clicked pics, you would see multiple pictures of Alabama Alumni, fans, and others attached to the University.


  5. akascuba

    I would add most professional pundits slant every story to what gets them the most clicks.

    It is how they get paid. Be clicked on or be unemployed is their life now.


  6. CB

    This is basically Conor Riley everyday writing about Georgia.


  7. gurkhadawg

    I was perusing RBR and thought they were pretty respectful of UGA. I guess fear will do that to you.