Sco’, and sco’ some mo’.

It appears the SEC is in the midst of an unprecedented year, offensively speaking.

Scoring — it just means more.

It also means what Georgia is doing on defense is even more impressive than we think.


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4 responses to “Sco’, and sco’ some mo’.

  1. armydawg

    We are the first real defense AL has faced so far & I really feel that it will make all the difference in the world on Sat. Monken will also have a battle plan that employs much more than we’ve seen from him. I cannot believe that the “reformed” alcoholic(Sark) can outcoach Kirby or their DC. I do like our chances this week if Kirby has learned his lessons and won’t take his foot off th gas.


  2. HirsuteDawg

    YTD average is without games from the PAC12