The part of the game nobody’s talking about

For all the chatter about Georgia’s defense versus Alabama’s offense and Georgia’s offense versus Alabama’s defense, there’s been little discussion about special teams.  To me, that’s a little shortsighted and even a little strange, given Georgia’s special teams coach.

Anyway, to rectify that a little, I thought I’d do a quick statistical check on the two’s conference rankings (stats, as always, from

  • Punt returns:  Alabama 5th; Georgia 10th.  (Note that ‘Bama has only returned one punt in its first three games.)
  • Kickoff returns:  Georgia 1st; Alabama 12th.
  • Opponent punt returns:  Alabama 3rd; Georgia unranked.  (Georgia has yet to allow a returned punt in its first three games.)
  • Opponent kickoff returns:  Alabama 2nd; Georgia 6th.
  • Punting:  Georgia 1st; Alabama 14th.
  • Kickoffs:  Georgia 7th; Alabama 14th.  (Alabama’s touchback percentage is 30.77%.)

Neither team has missed an extra point.  Alabama is 2-2 in field goals; Georgia is 7-8.

Alabama’s coverage teams look to be doing excellent work.  Georgia has one huge advantage at punter — that could have an impact on field position — and another decent one at kickoff returns.  The main thing I see there is that Alabama’s opponents have done an excellent job keeping the ball away from Jalen Waddle.  I would suggest that Scott Cochran instruct his charges to do the same.


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4 responses to “The part of the game nobody’s talking about

  1. gastr1

    Can’t quite fathom how not allowing a punt return doesn’t translate to the top of the rankings, where punts have actually been kicked (as they have). But then I also don’t understand how touchdowns allowed by special teams and offensive turnovers count against the defensive scoring average, either.

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  2. Down Island Way

    Nobody really knows why the UGA special teams coach decided to on from the bammers, I get the on field position…you don’t think for one football minute that situation couldn’t have been remedied…don’t know Coach Cochran, seems to have a big personality….just maybe little Nicky can’t control a “bigger person than me”…..who the fuck knows or cares….he’s on the UGA sideline and that’s good enough for me….


  3. I’ve felt all week that ST would play a big role and maybe even the biggest. I’m not even coming from a punt/FG block or big return perspective, I’m just thinking about how our punter has flipped field position. FGs and returns could obviously be a big deal, too.

    It is amazing how absolutely dominant our ST are, or have been to this point, and the guy leading them hasn’t been discussed by the talking heads…at all.

    It seems ESPN is too busy showing the NC ending or talking about Saban’s record against assistants or discussing how on the 3rd day, he rose from the dead. No one has time for that shit and by “that shit”, I mean any significant advantage for Georgia.

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