Wear it, and be wonderful.

Greg Sankey strikes.

As you’d expect, Junior was being Junior about it.

Pruitt should have been fined simply for offending the style police.

Yeah, in the vast scheme of things, $100 grand ain’t much… except the fines escalate with each offense — first offense is $100,000, followed by $200,000, $300,000 and $400,000 for a fourth violation.  I know SEC ADs are a bunch of weenies, but forking over a million dollars because your head coach is behaving like a dick seems like a bridge too far to cross, even for them.


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  1. Biggen

    Masks, the bane of my existence. I’m thinking about putting a rule in place for my business that bans people from entering with a mask ON. You either take it off or you don’t come in.

    I don’t want that moist bacteria trap that you have been wearing all day coming into my place of business and getting me or my employees sick!

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    • Thanks for sharing, but unless you run an SEC football program, I really don’t GAS.

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    • jdawg108

      If masks are the bane of your existence, then you should stfu and enjoy your life.

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    • gastr1

      Real courtesy would be telling us where and what business that is so we can stay the f away from your personal little covid hotspot, but I guess from your attitude per the comment, courtesy toward others isn’t really your bag anyway.

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    • PTC DAWG

      Agree, I feel sorry for grocery store employees Etc who have to pick up the nasty things when folks leave then on carts, or throw them on the ground..


      • Daniel Simpson Day

        Always assume your hands are dirty so don’t touch your nose, mouth etc. – Covid virus unlikely to spread this way BUT other viruses (especially GI viruses) are. I’m around it frequently – wear your mask (Correctly! and preferably a real mask, not like Kiffin), wash your hands and you’re good.


      • rigger92

        I know, I just went today. The wipes provided where you pick up your cart are just thrown everywhere. Who the hell does that? This is why I say that we, as a people, suck. Throw your damn trash in the bin.


    • Someday you’ll let on what your business is. Lol.


    • CB

      Dumbest take of all time. Anyone willing to lose money over some political mask bullshit is a grade A moron.

      That said, it’s pretty stupid that coaches are required to wear masks on the sideline when everyone around them has been tested repeatedly.

      Especially when all the players on the field are smashing into each other without masks on. Coaches wearing masks accomplishes approximately nothing with regard to slowing viral spread.

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      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        It’s performative theater. No one on the sideline is allowed on the sideline without passing a test, and then the majority of the players are not weaing masks.

        It’s more about looking like you’re doing the right thing as opposed to needing to do so.

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        • rigger92

          Right, its an image thing, optics. I understand it, but it’s PR. I know it is to protect the players, and yeah, let’s protect the players. It is better to wear it than not, nobody needs to “make a statement” by not wearing one on national TV.


      • It sounds like you’re just against science.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Behaving like a dick, or looking like an actual uncircumcised penis? Looking at you, Pruitt! 😂

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  3. Greg

    That ole Sand Mountain redneck (Pruitt) doesn’t understand anything….


  4. RangerRuss

    Resistance is futile.


  5. Illini84


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  6. Alabama wrote Sankey a fat check this morning.

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    The nonsense continues..

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  8. Gaskilldawg

    Dan Mullen has tested positive. Irony.