Georgia’s other gap

Tonight boiled down to two things: (1) Stetson’s shortcomings caught up with him; and (2) the disappearance of the pass rush in the second half.

Will it matter for the rest of the regular season? Probably not. For the SECCG, though…


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  1. classiccitycanine

    Completely and 100% agree.

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  2. benco04

    Point of order Senator…the receivers. Now there’s the gap.

    By the time UGA gets elite QB and WR talent to win these sorts of games, Clemson, Bama and Ohio St will be I-formation smash mouth teams again.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      How many passes did Burton drop tonight? Three? Four? And all of them would’ve resulted in first downs.

      I’m not talking about the INT that bounced off his fingers, I mean actual bread basket drops.

      Dude needs to stop hanging out with Matt Landers. Speaking of which, I was ecstatic not to see that turd on the field this week. I’m guess Landers was left off the travel roster for being terrible.

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    • Our rcvrs aren’t bad. Bennet missed 3 td deep balls. They may not be waddle elite, but they’re pretty good

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      • mwodieseldawg

        How many titles has Alabama, Clemson, OSU, etc. won with a walk on qb? I’m not dogging Stetson, I love the guy. If Kirby hates to lose as much as he professes he’d find a way to get and keep quarterbacks. Alabama at one time had Tua, Hurts, and Mack Jones on the roster. It can be done.

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  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Kirby needs to get JT Daniels ready.

    I have a feeling every single team we see moving forward will have their hands up on every pass from now on.

    I love Stetson Bennett the Fourth. His calming presence allowed us to beat a good Arkansas team no one realized was good, and then Auburn and Tennessee as well.

    He’s not the guy, though. Not unless Monken and Luke can get the o-line to open bigger throwing lanes for him the way Oklahoma did for 5’8″ midget Kyler Murray. If they can do that, then we have a shot with Bennett. If they can’t, we need to see Daniels work.

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    • benco04

      I had a buddy say tonight: “where was Alabama clearly better in all three of the recent losses against them?”

      I said “receiver? He said “no, we might’ve been better in 2017 and 2018 at WR. But quarterback? We’ve been behind in all three meetings.”

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  4. Granthams Replacement

    Agreed. The only way to stop #6 and 17 is QB pressure.

    I suspect Daniels starts in Lexington, 2 weeks is a good way to get him ready.

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  5. Russ

    I didn’t think our offense would be ready in time to win this game. Now I’m not sure it will be ready to win in Atlanta. We’re moving in the right direction but Stetson needs coaching up or another QB needs to step up.


  6. Russ

    One other thing after seeing how bad Auburn and Tennessee are. I’m not sure how good we really are. Kentucky will give us a battle so that will tell us something. Bama played with a chip on their shoulder tonight. Giving up a million yards to Ole Miss last week was the worst thing that could have happened to us.

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    • benco04

      And yet their defense was still relatively unimpressive. I thought with better QB play and another catch or three, we could’ve been in this thing.

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      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        3 INTs led to 21 points.

        Literally the difference in winning and losing.

        Our defense played relatively well if you really think about it. They were put in untenable situations by the turnovers.

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        • benco04

          3 INTs, yes. Great defense? No. The neat thing Bama did all night was getting their paws up. But that ain’t a vintage Bama unit.


          • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

            I didn’t say great, I said well.

            Look, no defense is going to play great against that Bama defense.

            It’s about surviving, and there’s no way they could overcome 3 TO’s that put them in untenable situations.


        • Ding, ding, ding. Turnovers changed this game. When you don’t finish drives with a kick, you are playing with fire. We didn’t 3 times tonight, and we got burned.


        • voxdawg

          You can’t give up – 21 in turnover margin and expect to win. Against anyone, much less Bama. If you turn the ball over to Bama, you must assume that’s going to result in a minimum of 7 points.


    • Ole miss gave us a blue print. Ole miss didn’t beat us.


  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I picked us to lose this game 28-20 earlier in the week and maintained that pick all week, so I was ready to lose.

    But it still hurts in my gut, man.

    It still fucking pains my soul.

    I hate losing like this to this fucking team and this fucking fanbase over and over and over again.

    This is the worst version of Groundhogs Day I’ve ever seen.

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  8. Don Swift

    Stetson needs to grow up.


  9. N K

    Somehow, despite our relatively even recruiting, Alabama is usually overwhelmingly better than us at a given position on the field. Tonight it was at WR (and QB as well, FWIW).

    That ricochet by Burton to the Alabama guy and the subsequent phantom PI in the endzone was the back-breaker.

    We can keep them close as currently constructed, but we need much better QB play if we want to win anything.

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  10. charlottedawg

    I said after the arkansas game if our best QB was a walk on, we had a definite ceiling and any aspirations of winning an sec or national championship were delusional. Welp, that’s what happened tonight. I don’t care how elite your defense is,if your offense relies on 10+ play drives and can’t be explosive, you’re not beating the Alabama, ohio state and Clemsons of the world.

    Also trey burton apparently couldn’t catch clap in a whore house. I also dgaf about the 80 yd td as that’s literally the first 30+ yard play of his career, and it was just lucky circumstance where we caught him matched up against a lb, James cook should not see the field.

    Oh and the braves are gonna blow a 3-1 series lead. Looks like the georgia sports curse was indeed waiting this weekend.

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    • The thing is, you can’t grind, and i love grinding, if your opponent is hitting 91 yard tds. People are saying we quit the run, but we had too. A 8 minute grinding td wasn’t going to help us late in the 3rd


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      James Cook ran the ball well and caught the ball even better. Don’t act like an ass.

      He was also the best running back we had against Auburn before he got hurt.

      Dude didn’t play well against Arkansas, but guess what? No one really did because 1. Odom is a great DC and that defense is actually pretty good and 2. Mathis played so poorly in the first half it had everyone in a funk.


  11. Kirby created this problem years ago. People were so happy over 2017 they didn’t see the writing on the wall for today. Our 4th string walk on is our starter. Thats all you need to know.

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    • How did Kirby create this problem years ago? If we’re going to litigate Fromm vs. Fields in 2018, no one has been able to say when did Justin Fields ever prove that he earned the right to start while in Athens. If you’re going back to 2017 with Eason, there’s no one in their right mind at the time thought Eason should get the starting job back after coming back from his injury.

      Chuck, you’re a reasonable commenter here, but I just don’t see where 2017 and 2018 has any bearing on 2020 other than the fact that our 3-year starter decided to leave early (and is paying the price for it now).

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      • If you want to go Kelly Bryant vs. Trevor Lawrence, Lawrence proved on the field he was a better option to win now than Bryant. If you want to make the case that Kirby/Chaney never gave Fields the opportunity to prove he was the better option to win in 2018, I’ll give you that, but we created a QB controversy where there wasn’t one. When that asshat Sasser made his comment in the stands and kept doing it after being asked by those around him to stop, that gave Fields all he needed to leave and get his eligibility.

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      • Im on mobile and thats a lot to answer. But fields should be starting this year. Our QB recruiting has been schizo. And Kirby and fans fell in love with a Georgia redneck that succeeded when he had the best RB duo in history behind him.

        The whole “prive the right” was ended when fields was a heisman qb. Kirby is a bad qb evaluator, he had to get kicked in the dick to get a good OC.

        As far as Eason that’s more lies and myths. He absolutely outworked and outplayed from for the Vanderbilt game in practice. I’ve heard it from people there, I’ve read it in news stories and it makes common sense. And obviously has more talent a higher ceiling and “knew the play book better” as people like to say. But Kirby went with his buddy and friend and hot hand.

        I respect you also but if you’re coming from the premise that these people couldn’t beat fromm because Kirby says so I disagree. I think Kirby is absolutely terrible at quarterback management and quarterback evaluation. my proof is in pretty much every single team in the sec. My proof is in the fact that we have a 4th string walk on as our starter. Kirby was in love and didn’t plan for the future. Were the best team in total in the SEC with the worst problems at QB.

        I wrote over 10 years ago on another blog about how the game had changed and it was gonna be more offensive minded. You’re not gonna win with an elite d. you have to be able to score. Kirby is outdated. I love 95 of 100 things about Kirby, but he sucks at this.

        Like I said in the game thread we lost two elite quarterbacks to Clemson. We lost Eason who is a college generational qb with a4m and height and vision. We lost fields, who went to a good, but not great osu and slayed. Fromm was a 2019 disaster and we let him go end his qb career. He’s never gonna start but would be an asset this year.

        When you take the red glasses off, its all pretty obvious. We suck at qb management and evaluating and training. If Kirby doesnt hand that off to monken you can forget it

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      • Migraine Boy

        “If we’re going to litigate Fromm vs. Fields in 2018, no one has been able to say when did Justin Fields ever prove that he earned the right to start while in Athens”

        Halftime, 2018 vs LSU

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    • H. Randolph Holder

      Can’t say I disagree RE: 2017. I don’t think Kirby is trying to live off of it, but our AA sure is, rose bowl especially. Kirby somewhat messed up with Chaney and screwed the pooch royally with Coley. I think he has a good possibility with Monken, but not sure that will reveal itself in enough time to get some offensive fire power in here over the next few months. Then once we do, I fully expect the defense to take a step back. It’s our lot as dawg fans.

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  12. If only Bennett were taller. He probably wouldn’t be winning a Heisman but I do think he would be good enough. It’s a tough situation but I don’t see how they don’t give Daniels a shot. That’s just way too many batted passes.

    We adjusted and moved the pocket and rolled him out some but you can only do that so much as it often eliminates options on the field. I know my fears about him were realized tonight.

    I don’t know that it’ll matter if we play them again, though. We’re in this pattern of blowing leads while they make more plays and the officiating adds insult to injury. Alabama played exactly as I expected they would and we didn’t.


    • But Stetson has big hands.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      Tall really has nothing to do with it if your o-line is opening up passing lanes for you, which they should be doing as a design of the offense for any QB less than 6’3″.

      OU did it for Kyler Murray who is shorter than Bennett, and for Baker Mayfield who is 2-inches taller.

      Seattle does it for Russ Wilson who is the same size.

      New Orleans has done it for Brees who only reaches the 6’0″ he’s listed as in his dreams.

      Is it better to have a tall QB? Of course. But short QBs can win and play well at any level. The offensive line just had to open wider passing lanes by design.

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      • “Tall really has nothing to do with it…”

        Only on the internet.

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        • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

          Yep. None of what I said is true. Short QBs can’t be successful if their lines are drilled to open wide passing lanes for them to be able to see downfield and throw through because no short QB has ever been successful, because they’re short, so they’re all garbage.

          Russell Wilson? Garbage. Kyler Murray? Garbage. Drew Brees? Garbage. Doug Flutie? Garbage.


        • Im saying.

          This “blocking lanes” is absolutely shit


          • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)


            Every pass Russell Wilson, Doug Flutie, Drew Brees and certified oopma loompa Kyler Murray throw over the middle of the field are batted back in the face.

            Every. Single. One.

            O-lines opening up passing lanes for short QBs, who the fuck has ever heard of that shit?


  13. ASEF

    That 23 second FG drive was a sinking feeling headed into half.

    Jones sticking with their program behind Jalen and Tua impresses me more with each game. Dude has talent.

    Ole Miss ate that defense’s lunch last week and then couldn’t get out of their own way this week. Point would be this: nothing is going to make sense this season week to week. Auburn should be 0-4 and Arkansas 3-1. Leach set an SEC record in passing Week 1 and looks like a bad Sun Belt offense since.

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  14. dawgman3000

    I really like like Monken as the OC. I think he called a good game but the execution wasn’t the best to say the least. We just witnessed another feel good story flame out in Bennett. I really like the way Bennett runs this offense, but Stevie Wonder seen his ceiling tonight. If the plan is to beat that team in ATL, we gotta have JT Daniels firing on all cylinders.


  15. ugafidelis

    They played lights out and everything went their way. Us, not so much. Live to play another.

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  16. gurkhadawg

    People keep saying to play Daniels, but if he were ready he would already be playing. I don’t know for a fact, but I think his knee isn’t ready for quick lateral movement. If that is true then he will risk reinjury. He wouldn’t be able to move laterally in the pocket, which would get him killed against a team like Bama.

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    • I dont believe anything anymore when it comes to Kirby and QBs. Hes clearly very bad in this department

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      • Granthams Replacement

        Kirby had 2 5 stars and 2 4 stars in fall camp. One quit, one has a bad knee still, and one hadn’t played FB in 2 years. He tried to fill the QB gap and still might if Daniels knee improves.


    • Gurkha, Daniels has been cleared for contact by Courson. I’m not a physician as I believe you are, so I can only go on the clearance as the word that he is available to play. Clearly, Kirby hasn’t wanted to mess with what has worked up to this point with SBIV. I would imagine there will be a QB competition during the bye week between them.

      We should beat Kentucky based on our talent across the board versus their talent. This is all about getting ready for November 7.

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  17. ASEF

    Been watching some replay. For people complaining about Bennett, a note:

    Pressure straight up the middle will screw with any QB, no matter how tall. And Bama had a lot of successful push up the middle. It’s the best their interior D-line has looked all year.


    • It wasn’t the line dude. Look at the running and look how many times Stetson was standing there for an uncomfortable amount of time.


      • ASEF

        The line as a while? No.

        Hill specifically? Yes. He couldn’t handle Barmore or Dale 1 on 1 and required help all night. If you’re always having to combo block a DT, it limits what you can do.

        I’m not absolving Bennett his miscues or the fact that this fabulous roster somehow has a walk-on and a rehab transfer at the most important position on the field.

        Center is going to be a problem all year for teams with a quality defensive tackle or two.


  18. Bennett simply isn’t good enough. He’s not tall enough to throw over a D1 line. Georgia probably wins that game comfortably with a great QB. The defense got enough stops to put us in position. Essentially Alabama is like the Oklahoma team we beat in the Rose Bowl. You have to be able to score consistently. I though we ran the ball well, but you can only hide a so-so QB for so long.

    I’m not sure this is a solvable problem this season.

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  19. Professional refs.

    Time for the sec to lead

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  20. Our O line has to:

    Create ultimate run blocking.
    Create ultimate pass pro.
    Create “throwing lanes”

    Or we fail.

    This is insane. Our line let Stetson stand there so long so many times I cant believe we didn’t give 15 sacks.

    Bama did basically zero of that list.

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  21. Georgia fans are just dropping the endless excuses tonight.

    Kirby sux at QB. Pretty simple. Stop making excuses. We had every single other element. We got an int on the first play of the game bc of pressure, then gave an int from a batted ball!

    You know who also sux at QB?

    Nick Saban.

    So he learned to hire great OCs.

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  22. Im actually pretty sad. There’s never been more talent at Georgia in our history. We’d ve much better off if Kirby bounced around a bit. It’s turning into a higher level richt 2.0.

    And I love them both. But egos are fickle things.


  23. Just imagine sunshine as our qb.

    We lost to bama in 2012 over a tipped ball.

    Im sorry Georgia fans but 1 for 7 buck belue is dead. If we had herschel today we lose.

    You have to choose: i love heart and this stupid “dgd” or i love winning.

    Bc we are losing over mah feels for qb. It just keeps happening.

    And, its ok. Id rather ravish auburn and florida. But if you want a NC, then you need to get over some shit.

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  24. I’m gonna say it one last time, our run game was very strong, but your run game doesn’t work if your opponent is dropping 91 yd touchdowns..we needed to be able to score fast and often. In the 2nd half. You can’t grind when you’re losing. There’s nothing more I love in football than a 9 minute grinding touchdown. But the clock had turned against us.

    We came out in the 2nd half, ahead , and had to punt. That’s when the shootout began.

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  25. I will always enjoy football and college football and all the things it brings. I love all the things about everything that makes college football football. But I’m gonna tell you, I love beating our rivals, but Georgia is not winning a national championship this year nor any years to come. It would be easy to say that I was being negative or you never know or whatever but they evidence is clear.

    Eventually it is how it is. Georgia is a great program of great history that will still fall behind Alabama Clemson Ohio state.

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    • In case your confuse from a take, I don’t think we have just the most talented team in Georgia history I think minus quarterback we have the most talented team in football history.


  26. You know what the difference of Saban and dabo is?


    Kirby is richt 2.0


  27. Illini84

    Please don’t dominate the rap, Jack
    If you’ve got nothing new to say
    If you please, don’t back up the track
    This train’s got to run today

    I spent a little time on the mountain
    I spent a little time on the hill
    Heard some say: Better run away
    Others say: You better stand still

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  28. 1) I see what you did there, and
    2) I don’t know if Alabama’s OL is that good, or if we just couldn’t get home.


  29. biggusrickus

    I want to see the rematch, because I don’t think their offensive line is as good as it looked last night. I also don’t understand why Georgia didn’t lean on the running game last night. They should have known Bennett wasn’t going to beat them throwing the ball 40 times, and it never really stopped working. White, Milton and McIntosh combined for 18 carries for 113 yards. How do you not give them more carries in the second half?

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  30. elbertadawg

    There are a few things apparent to me.
    1) Saban vs. Kirby is a mismatch at this point. The adjustments Saban made to neutralize our pass rush and the preparation for Stetson’s shortcomings (All the tipped balls)are 2 clear examples of the master Saban is. The fact that he never relaxes(see the last 23 seconds of the first half) and Kirby does is another.
    2) Our vaunted secondary has allowed explosive plays in each game except Auburn. Granted, the Bama receivers are fabulous, but the long ball has hurt us multiple times(and could have against Auburn had Nix been able to throw it in the ocean ) this year.
    3) Our receiving Corp has not developed, for whatever reason, to the level of Banks. See D. Robertson, M. Landers and Pickens. George Pickens is an uncommitted talent that does not work hard enough to get off checks. Landers can’t catch a cold. I don’t know what’s wrong with Robertson.
    4) Many have said that we didn’t think Stetson would be enough to take us to the promised land and that is obvious. It is obvious to me that the QB position has been mismanaged over the last 4 years. I don’t have the answer, but that’s what Kirby and his staff are paid big bucks for.
    5) Talent will take you to the dance floor and allow you to compete at high levels, especially against lesser opponents. Kirby is a master at recruiting and landing that talent. But to get to the next level you have be able to coach em up to the elite level as well and we have now proven that we aren’t there yet. The time is now to make the changes to step up another level with 2 weeks and lesser opponents coming. Daniels needs his chance. The receivers that are truly developing need to get ALL the meaningful snaps. The secondary needs to FULLY live up to their billing.
    My opinions..,,,,,,

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  31. Randy Adams

    Lot time spent on the past. Doesn’t matter. All you can do is learn from the past. That’s it. I believe that Kirby has learned from the past. That’s why he went after Newman and Daniels. That’s why he brought in Monken. Our freshmen receivers and Tight Ends are first rate; we have running backs that are adept at catching the ball coming out of the backfield.

    For what it is worth, I thought Monken called a pretty good game. There is rarely a play where someone isn’t open.

    So what’s the problem? Newman opted out. Does Georgia win if Newman is the QB last night. None of us really know – do we? But at the very least, I think that game is a Dawg fight to the end. Does. Newman throw three interceptions? I doubt it. Does Newman have at least 3 balls batted down – I doubt it.

    The Bennett story is a great story. You have to love the “it isn’t the size. of the dawg in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dawg” story. The truth though is that it needs to be a short story.

    Since 2017 Georgia has lost to Alabama three times. The reason that Georgia lost all three of those games is because of the gap at the QB position. Georgia needs to move on to one of the other guys. You can argue all day one which one it needs to be; but it needs to happen and it needs to happen during the bye.

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  32. spur21

    Bottom line – Bama is better.


  33. MGW

    Stetson’s a hell of a player who can win a lot of games, but we really need one of the other two to step up if we’re getting past Atlanta.


  34. leecodawgfan

    I love the Dawgs with my whole heart, but I have no interest in seeing this team, as currently constructed, play Alabama again this year. The result is not going to change. As much as we want to be, we’re not in the same league with the Big 3.


  35. Salty Dawg

    I think I’ll make myself feel better by reading how the vowels got stomped.

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  36. Butler Reynolds

    Thanks, Jamie Newman! 😀


  37. Spell Dawg

    Stetson was thrust into the starter’s position wk1, he was our 3rd string guy. He’s a gamer, but he hasn’t had the time needed in this new offense with these receivers to win a game like last night’s. Not covering or criticizing him, his short-comings (ha) are what they are. If JT is >90% ready, he should get the start next game, but Stetson can get better. In this f*cked up season, I’m happy to ride with the feel good story.

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    • spur21

      I like the young man too but he made more bad throws than good ones last night. He evidently doesn’t see the field as he continues to miss WIDE open receivers on a regular basis.
      We aren’t a championship team with our current QB.

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  38. akascuba

    Losing to Bama again Sux. We failed at making Mac Jones uncomfortable. His uniform stayed clean. If we play again that must change.

    After almost every loss the back up QB is the most popular guy with fans.
    If JT was a better choice I bet he would be playing now. If he is a statue in the pocket as I suspect we lose. Bennett can run and Lincoln Riley has shown how to win with shorter QB’s. Bennett’s legs probably are what’s keeping him the starter. Losing Newman really hurt this season.

    The biggest surprise for me last night was Bama seemed to again get stronger as the game wore on. I thought we had the depth this time to prevent that. Their pass rush in the second half changed the game.

    Did Bama get PI’s seemingly as needed in the second half yes. Did we get the same benefits no. Why it’s like the Micheal Jordan rule in BB. The super star aka:Bama gets the close calls. It just is until you become the top dawg.
    If we put Mac Jones on his back more it prevents most of the PI’s. Body slam him a few times and those deep passes get harder to hit. We failed at QB pressure. Bama did pressure Bennett the entire second half.

    As usual we had our chances to win. This time these players have the opportunity to earn a rematch. I saw enough positive things to believe just like Auburn 2017 we can win a rematch and the SEC.

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  39. morespinners

    QB seems to be the position that everyone is talking about this morn re Bama blow out…and Dawg’s 2020 season.
    Diminutive Bennett has limited skills…not mobile in pocket and not accurate on deep balls. He missed 2 shots into end zone before Burnton bailed him out on 3rd down….and for Bennett, that was all she wrote…because Bama’s D and O got it together. Why is the QB position not better Kirby and OC?
    The other position is the center. On average at least 3-4 bad snaps a game. Throws of the passing and running game. Why is this position not better Luke?
    Bama’s O line took over that game with 13 seconds left in first half. Until that long quick 3 point drive, Bama had doubts. After that none. Dawgs alleged outstanding D got its butts whipped from that moment on. The secondary has issues too. How are you going to fix that Kirby? Dawgs’s D line and LBs disappeared in the 2nd half. That falls to Kirby, too!
    It’s a young team, but Smart let his most important position linger on thru 3 OC’s, and Saban / Bama / LSU have highlighted each and every time.
    Get a QB Smart.

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  40. cowetadawg

    If we get a rematch I like our chances. It is so much better to have this awful game to drive necessary changes and motivate better play. The talent gap in playing and coaching isn’t as wide as the score last night (or as wide as how it felt either). We certainly won’t have overconfidence as an issue when we see them again. Time to absorb the lessons and look to Kentucky (which barely lost to Old Miss who then lost to Arkansas who we beat, but also the Kentucky who destroyed Tennessee with whom we struggled 1st half. 2020 – go figure).

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  41. RangerRuss

    Lots of opinions and good analysis here. I enjoyed reading them. Fine group of people posting indeed. I’m not going to dwell on the loss too much as it IS simply a game. Going to be a nice day.



  42. originaluglydawg

    As far as Tennessee goes, we broke them. That was their chance to prove they are equal and deserve to contend for the top of the east and Georgia crushed that. They couldn’t get it up against Kentucky after that ass beating in Athens. Probably Auburn has kind of quit too. Kids are saying, “It’s 2020..forget it”