One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday’s Observations post was that Georgia broke tendencies Saturday night, in that it was the first game of the season the team in the first half outplayed the team in the second half.

Bill Connelly thinks that’s mainly a tale of the two quarterbacks.

At the moment Burton came down with the ball, Georgia led, and Bennett’s stat line was quite comparable to that of Alabama’s Mac Jones.

Passing stats, first 29:37 of the game:

  • Bennett: 12-for-20 for 165 yards, two touchdowns, one interception and one sack
  • Jones: 13-for-17 for 184 yards, two touchdowns, one interception and two sacks
  • Adjusted net yards per pass (ANY/A, which includes sacks, plus a 20-yard bonus for touchdowns and a 45-yard penalty for interceptions): Bennett 7.0, Jones 7.0

Then came the rest of the game.

Passing stats, last 30:23:

  • Bennett: 6-for-20 for 104 yards, two interceptions and a sack
  • Jones: 9-for-13 for 206 yards, two touchdowns and a sack
  • ANY/A: Jones 17.1, Bennett 0.6

Jones was spooked and harried by Georgia’s pass rush early in the game. Anytime the pocket began to crumble a bit around him, he lost his footwork and rushed throws. He was still able to complete passes because he’s got a very good arm and even better receivers, but he wasn’t stepping confidently into passes, especially on third down. But he completed a couple of passes to get Alabama into field goal range at the end of the first half, then ignited in the second, just as Bennett was falling out of sorts on the other side of the ball. You could say that after a bit of a delay, Jones met the moment, while the moment met Bennett.

The staff we’ve praised for making great halftime adjustments got out-adjusted.  Needless to say, that can’t happen in the rematch.


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  1. ugafidelis

    Am I wrong in thinking there’s a possibility that we could have to play those suckers twice if we both win out in the regular season and we win in Atlanta?


    • Spell Dawg

      Twice more? Maybe. The Big12 bunch don’t look so hot, maybe Penn St or someone in the Big10 can be almost as dominant as Ohio St (will be). Pac12 miiiight have someone run the season, but I’ll believe that when I see it. Shit, the more I type this, the likelier your scenario sounds….


  2. We’re not gonna do any better against Bama than we did Saturday, as long as they’ve got #22.

    And BTW, where’s our #22? I keep waiting….


    • Harris is a great back. He rushed for 4.9 ypc Saturday night. Georgia had three backs who averaged more per carry than that.

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      • ASEF

        Alabama’s rush D has been quite suspect. Georgia’s, not so much. Not sure that comparing average yards helps much. 152 on 31 carries against this D, better than 50% success rate? Their passing attack was the most discouraging part of that game, but their running game was the most surprising. To me at least.

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        • Man, that’s the first time I’ve seen something Tidegraded. 😉

          Again, he’s a great back, best in the conference. My point in response was that Georgia’s backs weren’t exactly chopped liver Saturday night.


          • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

            It did seem like our backs were non-existent in the second half. I am not sure why we quit using our run game. I thought Monken wanted to make them defend the whole field. It’s part of the reason I think we might win a rematch: there is no real reason we can’t compete with them, but we – and that includes the coaches – need to keep our heads in the game.


      • benco04

        Are you insinuating that Monken might’ve gone off script when we got down 3, then 10? 🙂

        I’ll go one better. With better QB—seriously, JUST that one position—play in the third quarter, Georgia has a chance to keep it very close or even win even when Monken went off script.


    • Running back isn’t our problem.


      • Spell Dawg

        Yeah, I was happy with all our backs. Zeus is still missing some shiftiness, but he ran tough. Everybody got a piece, would have liked to see McIntosh get a few big receptions, but Cook had something like the coming out party I was hoping for.

        On another note, anybody else think this offense needs to work on their 2-minute drill and playing faster? I understand that’s not our M-O, but we sure seemed in no rush down 3 scores in the 4th.

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    • Greg

      If the Dawgs can put it together for one half, they certainly can for two. Only losers think they are gonna lose before they even lineup.

      Just a WAG here, but don’t think my Dawgs think that way.


  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    Let’s focus on Kentucky and then Florida and then the others. Need to get to the rematch

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  4. I watched our recording last night and, damn, we missed a lot of opportunities in the passing game. Monken actually called a fantastic game but we didn’t make plays. There were guys who were wide freaking open and Bennett just missed them. There were times he could have just taken a step or two up in the pocket and didn’t. He’s STILL throwing some inaccurate passes. One thing that really surprised me was how he really locked in on guys and didn’t see the field like he has most of the year. He had pretty good protection most of the night but maybe the early batted passes really threw him off.

    Maybe being buried on the depth chart set him back and he can be coached up or maybe he needs to be replaced. I hope someone can figure it out. If this is as good at it gets then another SEC east banner and bowl game will have to do. The Bama game should have been a shootout, though.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Great post. It should have been a lot closer. A lot of wide open receivers were just not seen, and a lot of dropped passes…fix those two things and the bat downs could have been more tolerable. It should have been a shoot out of sorts. Monken had a great game..execution didn’t come through, though. And BTW..I thought Stetson had great protection most of the night.

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    • trbodawg

      I agree with the batted balls getting into his head. Hard to feel comfortable stepping closer to the line when that happens. You also tend to put more arch on your throws when batted balls are a concern.

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    • Scott Van Heest

      Agree 100%. Stetson locked into receivers and never looked off as the game went along. There were receivers open on virtually every play and by locking in it made it easy swatting for Bama’s DL. I would welcome a rematch if the coaches can get Stetson to relax or put in another QB.
      The sky has not fallen and there is still everything to play for this season, UGA now needs to act like champions and dust off this loss and get back to business and keep improving.


  5. I thought the best half of football the team has played this season so far was the first half against the Barn. We whipped their @$$3$ on both sides of the ball. Bo Nix looked like he had been beaten and bruised in a street fight by halftime.

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    • gastr1

      You’re right, and the Arkansas win looks better every week, but Auburn is an also-ran for sure. I have hope that SBIV and the defense will be more ready for the rematch. Unless Texas A&M and UF are better than they’ve looked and not worse, there’s no other real competition this year.

      Yes, Kentucky might be tough, but they lost by 16 points to Auburn, don’t forget. They aren’t going to score vs. a pissed-off UGA defense.

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    I heard Bama has outscored UGA 62-14 in the 2nd half of the last 3 games..can that be right? That’s a problem. IF not corrected, we are at our ceiling. Enjoy winning in Jax and a New Years 6 Bowl. That’s what we are right now.


    • Derek

      The last three second halves (not ot), in order:


      There’s a consistency there.

      We start well under Kirby vs. these guys but really struggle, especially on offense, in the second half. I don’t know what to account for it. They definitely outplay us after intermission.

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      • practicaldawg

        It really is interesting. What Saban does to Kirby in the 2nd half is the same thing Kirby does to literally every other team Kirby plays with only a handful of random exceptions.

        I think it may be time to allocate some of the recruiting budget to incentivizing Saban to retire. Can we buy him a bigger boat or something? Maybe give him an office in Athens and let him do analytics work for UGA as an outlet in retirement? Just spit balling.

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      • ASEF

        4th quarter, 3 combined games:

        Georgia: 40 plays, 172 yards
        Bama: 84 plays, 422 yards

        That’s where most of the damage happens. Saban’s team has owned the 4th quarter in these games.


    • dawgtired7

      Saban and company put on a coaching clinic of how to separate NC teams from those that want to be…just when you think it’s safe to play them.


  7. Randy Adams

    On point. At the end of the day, they were able to run the ball and that changed what Georgia could do. Georgia’s defense is so good that they can make just about anybody one-dimensional. Alabama has proven that they are an exception. The other two? Clemson and OSU. I believe that Georgia can beat any other team in the country with SB4 as their QB. I do not believe they can beat Bama, Clemson and OSU. And since that is the end game, you have to take the chance of a loss on the schedule to get another QB that is bigger, and more talented the chance to develop into the offense.

    SB4 is a great feel good story. But I hope that he goes down in Bulldog lore as the young man who righted the ship until another QB came on and took them the rest of the way. Otherwise, it’s a 2 loss season to Bama and likely back to the Sugar Bowl (nothing to sneeze at – but that isn’t where Kirby is pointing the program)

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  8. Granthams Replacement

    Defense gave up 20 in a half then 21 in a half. Not much difference with A plenty of gaps that can be cleaned up on defense.

    QB/WR play multiplied each other to result in missing too many opportunities. Again plenty of correctable gaps. The one gap that might not be is the tipped passes.


  9. We’re in a serious pattern with Bama now. Oh we’ve got the talent but, oops, we had another 2nd half collapse. Oh, they made more plays than us yet again.

    We’ve changed scheme and coaches and players. Idk what it’s going to take.


    • Since Bama entered the modern offensive world about 3 or 4 years ago, they’ve maybe lost 2 games that didn’t involve future 1st round draft picks at QB. You may get turnover benefit like Auburn did last year and can still win with meh QB play, but they’re damn near impossible to beat straight up w/o a Burrow / Watson / Fields / Lawrence on the roster. Simple as that.

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  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    Put SBIV in Tom Cruise’s lift shoes and he’ll be fine seeing over the line. Some solutions are so simple I’m embarrassed to have to point them out.

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  11. Justin fields 2nd most tds in osu history. But ” they built an offense for him”

    Let me know when that’s a problem. Now we need to build one for a great guy that’s half the athlete.