Money well spent.

You know, there’s some perfect karma working here:

Throwing around money is what Power 5 athletic programs do, though, and Tennessee is among the industry leaders in that area. Less than a month ago, athletic director and former coach Phillip Fulmer (13) announced a contract extension for Pruitt through 2025 that will increase his salary to $4.2 million next year. Per the release announcing the extension, Pruitt was credited with “establishing a culture of toughness, a bowl appearance following a six-game winning streak and a top-10 recruiting class.”

… At the time of the extension, Pruitt’s record was 13–12. There is no reason to believe anyone was preparing to poach him. Today his record is 15–14, with a 2–0 start followed by humbling losses to Georgia and the Wildcats. Butch Jones, Pruitt’s much-pilloried predecessor, was 17–12 in his final 29 games at Tennessee.

Shades of Mike Hamilton giving Fulmer a raise and a contract extension a year before canning his ass.  It’s a Tennessee tradition.


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  1. Kind of like Mark Richt’s final year too…


  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    back in the 90s i could never have imagined the UT program becoming ole miss with a bigger stadium

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  3. gotthepicture

    I think Pruitt has more upside than Butch and parts of their team are coming together, but this is the thing… doors open within the division, but you have to get your crap together to take advantage of them.
    Tennessee is now in a place where they should go back to regularly beating Vandy, but if they continue to struggle with (or get their ass whipped by) Kentucky, that ain’t gonna fly. By next year, if Pruitt is handling Vandy, Kentucky, South Carolina, Mizzou & bottom half if SEC West then things should be ok. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to not get embarrassed by UGA and Florida. If you don’t do that, then you won’t last at a place like Tennessee.
    But I don’t mind watching a team in orange getting stuck in the mud for another year.


    • Down Island Way

      Donut hole phil is ready and available to walk the checker board sidelines again….he gave pruitt the raise so he could inherit it….


    • The only reason Orangeneck isn’t going to be on a scalding hot seat entering 2021 is his contract buyout. He’s staring at a minimum of 3 more losses (Bama, FU and TAM) and 2 more (Auburn and Arkansas) possible.

      3-7 and staying home for the holidays isn’t going to sit well with Lulu, Junior, and the rest of Tooth Nation.

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  4. Randy Adams

    And look at the rest of the schedule
    Texas A*M

    Bama is a loss. If they lose to Arkansas, which is now a real possibility, then they stand a real chance of 6 in a row, leaving Vandy and UF. Took get to .500, this team has to beat Vandy, Auburn and Arkansas, assuming losses to Bama, UF and A&M. I don’t see it.

    They are a 4-6 team. And with that said, 5-5 (even 6-4), they are going to be out for blood in Knoxvile.


  5. miltondawg

    Not sure if anyone else found it odd that Pruitt fired the DL coach and co-DC Brumbaugh on Sunday after the loss to Kentucky. Maybe it wasn’t working out philosophically like Pruitt said. But it sure looked like a knee-jerk reaction to the loss. And oddly placed considering that the offense had four turnovers with two of them pick sixes and only managed 290 yards or so of total offense. UT’s offensive series were punt, fumble, pick six, pick six, pick, touchdown, and punt in the first half. In the second half it was punt, punt, punt, and turnover on downs with a grand total of 70 yards on those four drives (62 on the fourth and final). Sure seems to me that the sacrificial lamb from that game came from the wrong side of the ball.

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  6. siskey

    Whenever these extensions are announced my question is always “Who was going to hire Coach ‘x’ away?” Think about it what team was patiently waiting to hire Pruitt that he would conceivably leave Knoxville for?