And one last stat

This one’s good, I promise.

Kirby may quibble here and there with what Monken is doing, but I guaran-damn-ty you he’s thrilled by that.


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25 responses to “And one last stat

  1. And how much better would it be without the terrible snap vs UT?

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  2. That’s pretty darn good. When Monken has his trigger man to run the offense, watch out.

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  3. dawgman3000

    I don’t know whether to smile or cry looking at these stats like this. Smile because we have them, or cry because they could be a waste this season.

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  4. RangerRuss

    I see more to like than dislike in the Dawg’s present O. They need a few more games to get in sync. But there’s no reason that they can’t pull it together and beat everyone on their schedule and Bama for both halves.

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  5. Anon

    I seldom know if 14 is good or 1 is good on some of these. So I rely on you to tell me.

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  6. Sounds like a team that blocks well and runs the football well. Of course, a heady QB helps.


  7. poetdawg

    Not sure how good this is. Our closest competition in this category is the porta-potty fire at lsu.


  8. rigger92

    Y’all have convinced me that this has turned into a “throwaway” season. I just hope we can gut one out vs. FL.


  9. mg4life0331

    Another interesting stat. 0-3. Kirby vs Nick.


  10. J.R. Clark

    Here’s a stat: After 60 games…

    Kirby Smart
    Overall: 47-13
    SEC: 28-8
    1 SEC Title

    Mark Richt
    Overall: 49-11
    SEC: 28-8
    2 SEC Titles


    • Not for nothing, but comparing SEC titles is disingenuous seeing as how this season isn’t over.


      • J.R. Clark

        Thanks for pointing that out! So UGA’s best-case scenario is to have the program end up where it was 15 years ago under Richt. The Georgia Way: No perfection, not even progress, just the same ole same ole.