Another less than optimal stat

Hoo, boy, this isn’t what you want to see from the SEC’s fifth-ranked team in offensive points per game.

Special teams and defense are pulling their respective weight.  The offense, not so much.


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  1. I have no idea why Jamie Newman left so abruptly (Senator, maybe your deep sources can share something with you). I have to imagine this stat would be a whole lot better if he had stuck around.

    Everyone knew the defense would generally create field position this season. No one expected our special teams to do what they have done in contributing to the battle over field position (I’m glad Little Nicky didn’t listen to Scott Cochran’s desire to get an on field position).


  2. Going on memory rather than pulling drive-by-drive data, the Bama game and the first half of Arkansas were the worst offenders in the “squander great starting field position”

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    • Um, the beginning of the 2nd half against Tennessee would say “Hold my beer.” We could have put the Vowels away earlier than we did if we take those turnovers and turn them into TDs rather than FGs.

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  3. MGW

    That’s quite unsettling.


  4. W

    Slight side note re ST success:
    Awful punt/coverage was saved by a dumb Bama penalty. Campbell had already missed 17, but fortunately their guy pushed him in the back. Moved them from midfield back to their own 7. link:


  5. Yeah, we’ve done a decent job of winning the field position battle and then squandering it.