College men, from LSU

So, after a two-year investigation into numerous violations, LSU is going the self-imposed penalty route, docking itself eight football scholarships over a two-year period and reducing recruiting visits, evaluations and communication, in the hopes that the NCAA won’t do more.

Most are focusing on the incredibly stupid public display after the national championship game by Odell Beckham Jr.,  who handed out celebration cash to some of the LSU players, but the much bigger problem the school faces is this:

The father of former offensive lineman Vadal Alexander received $180,000 in stolen money from LSU booster John Paul Funes, who admitted in 2019 that he embezzled more than half a million dollars from Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge. The money was payment from 2012 to 2017 for what the NCAA characterized as a “no-show job.”

What is it with fathers of SEC players and $180,000?  Is that like an unwritten rule of the official going rate?

But I digress.

That’s some seriously bad shit there.  Funes is serving time for his actions and I have a feeling that’s going to play into whatever the NCAA decides.  What I can’t figure out is why LSU didn’t go ahead and throw a postseason ban into the pot.  If ever there’s a time to serve that, it’s 2020.


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  1. MagnusDawgus

    Tip of the cap to the Randy Newman reference

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  2. Hoping the new NIL era will mean student-athletes actually have to show up, at least for a few minutes, at least every so often, for those 180K jobs. Which of course will be a lot more plentiful.


  3. dawg100

    180K. Milton Friedman is dancing in his grave about how well the market works or rolling in it as college coaches have colluded to illegally price set illegal, under the table payments at such an artificially low number!

    Maybe the politicians could have a hearing so both sides could preen and strut about like they did on the Mitchell report re: mlb steroids?


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    The Federal tax rate goes up over the $180,000 bribe amount.


  5. 123 Fake St

    Ed Ogeron is Gene Chizik 2.0.

    These guys suck at running a program.


    • mwodieseldawg

      I disagree about Orgeron being like Chizik. Orgeron is funny. I wouldn’t piss on Chizik if he was on fire and I had to piss really bad.