Er’rybody’s favorite player

The second-string quarterback, that is.

The tea leaf reading going on right now about why nobody’s supplanted Stetson Bennett as the starter is en fuego, to say the least.  His old high school coach figures JT Daniels must still be struggling to recover from his injury.

“I’m rooting for them to turn him loose,” Rollinson said. “I’m not sure if JT might be the ticket to promised land for them, but something is holding him back. I know it’s not his work ethic, I know it’s not the mental aspect of the game because there’s not a smarter kid in that facility than JT Daniels when it comes to the understanding football. So, I can only deduct that it’s still physical.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Murray thinks D’wan Mathis should still be in the mix.

Former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, now an analyst for CBS, said on Drew Butler’s Punt & Pass Podcast this week he didn’t think the Bulldogs’ coaches stuck with Mathis long enough after he struggled in six possessions against Arkansas. Murray believes Mathis has the most upside of all of Georgia’s quarterbacks.

Kirby Smart pointed out an obvious issue with any of that, at least in the short term.

“The toughest thing is getting enough reps to get guys prepared for a game,” Smart said. “You can’t prepare three or four quarterbacks to play in a game. You just don’t get enough time to do that. We do get a lot of time this week to compete, to have reps.”

The irony there is that’s probably one reason Stetson’s transition into the starting roll hasn’t been as smooth as we’d like.  He’s still playing catchup on the reps front.


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23 responses to “Er’rybody’s favorite player

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, as much as I hate Corch I’ve gotta admit he had backup QBs ready to play, or at least contribute. In Kirby’s defense, backup Stetson came in and did a fine job when we needed him at Arky.

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  2. rigger92

    I’m sure plenty of rival team’s bloggers are thanking the football gawds for all of this Georgia material.


  3. Finally found something that Aaron Murray and I agree on.

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  4. dawgman3000

    Well, even if Mathis has the most upside of the QBs, he is still very raw and his medical condition set him back. He needs mental reps more than anything right now. The Daniels situation is mystifying to the least. If he’s fully healthy, I really hope he’s getting half of the reps with the ones. I love a nice feel good story, but I want to see the best players play. #K-Mac or Milton over Zues


  5. Jack Klompus

    Interesting comments at the end there, Senator. Hoping that Stet can get the reps he needs over the next two weeks- at least enough to see James Cook and Trey McKitty. 😬


  6. TripleB

    If he’s going to give anybody else an opportunity, he may have to give them some time in a game, even if the game is still in question. I wonder if he is planning to use two quarterbacks at Kentucky with two weeks to prepare both?


  7. CB

    Murray has had some borderline moronic takes about last Saturday’s game. He wants to play Mathis and criticized receiver talent. Two face palmers.

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    • I chalk that up to modern sports media. No one can afford to sit back and homer it up like they used to. It’s all hot takes for hits now. Jeff Schultz was ahead of the curve on that one.


      • CB

        Maybe. I find guys like Pollack and to a lesser extent Murray to be quite off putting. Trying so hard not be a homer you already know their picks are going the opposite way in a close match up. Laughably transparent imo, but I don’t imagine they care much what I think as long as they’re getting paid.


  8. Murray would know about this from the years of discussing G-Day QBRs among Mettenberger, Mason and him. His take on Mathis is the head scratcher. It was clear when things weren’t going well, Mathis didn’t meet the moment. I don’t care who plays QB as long as he’s the guy the coaches believe can help the team win now.


  9. miltondawg

    I’d be interested to see how Mathis would do with more reps and another opportunity. The debacle in the first half against Arkansas wasn’t one hundred percent his fault (Lord knows there was blame on multiple fronts). And to be honest, the Arkansas game has of late looked like a better win than originally thought. The Arkansas defense has looked prepared and that team should be 3-1. Who would have thought that halfway into the season Arkansas would be playing aTm this weekend for possession of second place in the SEC West?

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    • The debacle wasn’t 100% his fault. That’s very true. A QB has to elevate the game of the players around him. I didn’t see that in the game. We were floundering on offense, and he continued to struggle as the game wore on.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I intend no criticism of JT Daniels here – he is clearly a talent and I am sure he knows a little football, but Bruce Rollinson saying that he knows more football than any other kid in the room? Not sure how many of the kids ‘in the room’ Bruce knows (besides JT) but I am thinking Monken and Kirby know a little more about who knows what than Bruce.


    • stoopnagle

      Yeah, reminds me of the Stetson articles where his dad tells him “you’re the best quarterback there!” Well, sure, yeah. Thanks, Dad.


  11. 123 Fake St

    Aaron Murray throwing pick 6s in real life. Go away dork.


  12. towniedawg

    From what I been told by a high profile player’s father, who gets to see some practices, Mathis isn’t the answer anytime soon. In fact, this individual is rather surprised Beck isn’t getting more looks from what he has seen of practice.


  13. 69Dawg

    SBIV was not looking for his safety value receivers he was locked on to his primary until it was too late. He also did not step up in to the pocket when he had one. The batted balls probably caused that. Watch Brook Austin for his review of the game.


    • stoopnagle

      He was missing open guys all night. It’s all over the internet! A lot of those throws he had Cook or McKitty open all night, just wasn’t making the reads/progressions.

      That’s why I posted the quote from Seth’s article on JT from pre-season: JT thinks a lot (maybe too much); whereas Stet just seems to let er rip.

      Still, I think we’re better than the rest of our schedule with Stet. I’d like to see the other guys play and let ’em play not just HTBOGAF.


  14. Mathis running out of bounds short of the first and then getting blasted while casually running down the sideline on the next possession pretty much wrapped it up for me. I hate to put it on a couple of plays but wtf. He didn’t seem mentally into playing…at all. His body language in mop up duty has been horrible, too.

    Beck, idk. I’m convinced they were redshirting him no matter what. It’s not at all inconceivable that he could be our best QB, though. Maybe he didn’t block to Kirby’s liking. I’m actually hoping Monken and the QB coach will ban Kirby from the QB room and recruiting tbh. I’m being facetious. Kinda.


    • mwodieseldawg

      IIRC he got blasted on the sideline a couple of plays before he stepped out short of the first down. I thought targeting should have been called as it was a helmet to helmet shot he took. He did look a little gun shy after that. Hell, who wouldn’t?


  15. atticus34

    Put in Beck!


  16. Info Info

    One thing that former UGA players who now work for networks have proven to me…they don’t know what they are talking about…