You may remember this.

Evidently, Bevo left his mark on more than Uga.

A former Austin American-Statesman photographer has filed a lawsuit against the owners and handlers of Bevo XV for negligence that caused “permanent injury” when the longhorn steer surged from his holding pen at the 2019 Sugar Bowl.

According to a petition filed in Travis Country district court on Friday, Nick Wagner was acting in his role as a Statesman photographer on Jan. 1, 2019. He was taking pictures of Uga X, Georgia’s bulldog mascot, prior to the Texas-Georgia game at the New Orleans Superdome.

Uga’s handlers brought their English bulldog over towards Bevo for a photo op, and the steer pushed forward, forcing onlookers to scramble for safety. The entire sequence was captured by Longhorn Network cameras, and short video clips went viral.

Wagner “was on one knee in front of the portable railing which Bevo was behind,” according to the petition. “Bevo XV rammed his longhorns twice into Plaintiff’s back causing permanent injury to Plaintiff’s neck and back.”

No word yet on whether the dog is being added as third-party defendant on a claim of severe emotional distress.


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18 responses to “Hooked

  1. RangerRuss

    Damn Good Dawg!


  2. Illini84

    We were so far away in the sucky Superdome we couldn’t see it!


  3. Notice that well-behaved Uga’s never caused any permanent injury to anybody. Well, except Robert Baker, maybe.

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  4. spur21

    I didn’t see much in that clip that supports him being injured much less permanently injured. Frivolous lawsuit comes to mind. Yet another VICTIM – sigh.

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    what happens when you let city folk handle a bull and a bulldog – shaking head at stupidity.

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  6. whybotherdude

    If he was at work “acting in his role as a Statesman photographer,” shouldn’t this be a workers comp claim? Not that that is “better or worse” but if he was at work that should be his first legal recourse, I have no idea I am sure one of you lawyer types have the real answer?

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  7. FlyingPeakDawg

    Bevo…it’s what’s for dinner.

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  8. TEXBaller

    Speaking of Horns — UT marching band will not be in attendance v Baylor this Saturday as half of the band has said it will not play the Eyes of Texas.


    • Russ

      Yep. I was talking to my Longhorn wife about this. She says just have them play “Deep in the heart of Texas” and be done with it. As an outsider, seems like a reasonable solution to me.