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Coming attraction

Fuck, I hate spoilers.


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Todd, meet manball.

Ah, shit, Kirby.

Smart indicated Georgia’s offense, which ranked sixth in the SEC, might work to tone things down a bit moving forward.

“We can’t get in a boat race where we’re trying to outscore people,” Smart said. “We have to play our brand of football and help Stetson (Bennett) with the people around him, is probably the No. 1 thing.”

He’s playing a team this week that Mizzou held to 145 yards of total offense, so Georgia can dog paddle instead of boat racing and win comfortably.  But does anybody besides Smart think this team can beat Alabama without being able to keep up with them in scoring?



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Blowed up

If The Princess Bride’s Fezzik played college football, I imagine this is what his blocking would look like.


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Bobo blames Boom.

Honestly, I have no idea how this is even possible.

Before you go there, turnover margin in the game was zero.


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Nailed it.

College football pundits discussing LSU’s offense after Joe Brady’s departure:  Steve Ensminger sux!  The Tigers won’t be able to produce any points now that college football’s greatest offensive mind has left for the NFL!

Steve Ensminger:  hold my beer, dipshits.


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2020’s perfect metaphor

Cast your eyes on this game-winning field goal attempt by Rice.  You will never see its like again.

Naturally, the Owls lost the game.  2020, man.


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Denial is a river in Knoxville.


Chaser ($$).

If Pruitt is right about the gap closing between Tennessee and the teams it envies the most, he’s yet to prove it. He’s coached eight games at Tennessee against its three biggest rivals: Georgia, Florida and Alabama. He’s never come within 22 points of any of them, and three times, his teams have lost by more than 30. His average margin of defeat in those eight games is more than 28 points.

Leave the damned bottle on the bar and go away.

He’s now lost 12 games by at least 21 points, the same number as Butch Jones and Derek Dooley combined.

You know, maybe Fulmer is trying to engineer a return to being UT’s head coach.


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