2020’s perfect metaphor

Cast your eyes on this game-winning field goal attempt by Rice.  You will never see its like again.

Naturally, the Owls lost the game.  2020, man.


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14 responses to “2020’s perfect metaphor

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Reminds me of that bowl game against Michigan state when Richt ran it into the line to set up for a missed field goal. GRRRR!

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  2. gastr1

    I saw that on the highlights this morning too and was gobsmacked. Between that and the Indiana QB’s winning two-point conversion…wow.

    Say, that reminds me…the IU QB appeared to my eye to touch the ball on the sideline before hitting the pylon. Wouldn’t that mean it was out of bounds before scoring?

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  3. Teacher Martin

    I’ll have to admit I don’t even think that could happen at UGA and I’ve seen a lot of bad luck.


  4. ugafidelis

    “”Kneeled” meaning two runs for no gain then centering the ball for a three yard loss on third down.”



  5. poetdawg

    They need to change the rules. You ought to get 2 points any time it bounces three or more times off the uprights and doesn’t go through. That’s a lot more entertaining than a normal field goal.

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  6. Down Island Way

    Laws of relativity not with standing, there has to be something said for connecting the line between both uprights and the cross bar twice…if the holder said “betcha can’t hit both uprights….the kicker said “you’re writing my mid term”….

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